DeHorizon NFTs

DeHorizon NFT Overview

Project Information

DeHorizon is a unique collection of 12,000 capsules that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each capsule has a varying rarity from high to low: Dr. De > The Complete Ark Plan > The incomplete Grey Betrayer, The Incomplete Shaharists, The Incomplete Grey Forest > Agility Capsule, Wisdom Capsule, Strength Capsule, Fate Capsule. 

Dr. De distributes 16% of the initial circulation of $DEVT to Ethereum users in the form of prize pools, and the total prize pool will be divided into four pools with 25 percent each.  Prizes are chosen from pools of holders that obtain specific capsules including a capsule set, complete scroll, incomplete scroll, and Dr. Dre. The prize allocation percentage is significantly higher for completing higher rarity sets.