Deskheads NFTs

Deskheads NFT Overview

Project Information

Deskheads is a unique collection of 3,333 humanoid-like characters sent to lead the 9 to 5 revolution for the modern human. Set in a dystopian present, Deskheads are your reminder that the reality you desire to create so much can be only a few clicks away. The Deskhead's goal is to enable your dreams and passions through our community-led incubator and provide you with various web2 and web3 perks through our innovative spin on the traditional marketplace called the workspace, all while advancing your web3 experience via tools we create in our lab. Deskheads are also under CC0 ownership (Creative Commons) - meaning you have full creative rights to do as you please with your artwork.

The community-led incubator will go through a dedicated workflow with phases such as the ideation stage, team-building stage, funding stage, building stage, and launch stage.

The team created a fully on-chain stake and level-up mechanism, where your Deskhead NFT retains its staking level between transfer or sale.  Perks and rewards seen in the workspace already active are various NFTs, web2 subscriptions, claimable merchandise, and whitelist spots.

Deskheads are also curating 1-2 in-house tools in their "Lab" - Lab products will bring recurring revenue to the Deskheads treasury and community as well as more visibility through solving problems in the web3 space.