Des Monsters NFTs

Des Monsters NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 100 Des Monsters NFTs. The Monsters collection will consist of 100 unique 1 of 1 hand-drawn 3 frame Monsters. Each Monster has ‘UTILITY’ granting owners raffle entries, airdrops, fusions, and much more to come in the future. 5 monsters are auctioned every month until project completion.

Project founder and artist Des Lucréce is a Norwegian-born Vietnamese artist living and working in the US.

The Des Monsters utility includes monthly airdrops, limited drop reservations, fusions & evolutions.


  • 1-25: Spawns Collection, Spawns airdrops, & Reservations
  • 26-50: Fusion Mechanic & Fusion Chamber
  • 51-75: Icons Collection & Icons Airdrops
  • 100: Evolutions & Evolution Stones