Desperate Ape Wives NFTs

Desperate Ape Wives NFT Overview

Project Information

A collection of 10,000 Desperate Ape Wives NFTs inspired by the award winning television series “The Desperate Housewives."

Desperate Ape Wives was founded by two friends who took notice that the Bored Apes did not include lady Apes. One founder is heavily involved in the traditional art market and museums and the other is a professional artist and illustrator. 

Each Ape Wife gives holders an exclusive DAW membership card that allows access to members-only benefits which will be revealed over time. In November 2021, Desperate Ape Wives were mentioned in a Forbes article about women taking charge in the NFT market. Ownership and commercial usage are given to the owners of each NFT and the team has plans for business collaborations and real world benefits for holders. The team also wants to bridge the NFT world with the physical and have custom designed Ape Wives used in real world applications such as a line of cosmetic products.