Devil Valley NFTs

Devil Valley NFT Overview

Project Information

Devil Valley is a collection of 6,666 Devil NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Among the 6,666 NFTs, 2,222 of them were able to mint for free, only requiring the user to pay the gas fee.

The remaining 4,444 could be minted at just 0.00666 ETH.

Similar to other meme-based NFT projects, Devil Valley does not contain much info on its website, and there will be no roadmap, promises, or utility.

Centered around a Hellish theme, The Devil Valley artwork depicts creatures from the Underworld, including seven 1 of 1 characters called The Sinners.

The Sinners include Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Levaithan, Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan.