Diamond Exhibition: Day One Pass NFTs

Diamond Exhibition: Day One Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Diamond Exhibition: Day One Pass is a collection of mint pass NFTs created by PROOF on the Ethereum blockchain. The Diamond Exhibition is a curated art show created specifically for the Moonbirds community and features 22 artists of varying artistic styles. Each Day One Pass was airdropped to the wallets of Moonbird holders that have had their Moonbird NFT nested since day one. 


Day One Pass NFTs should be burnt between April 24-27, 2023, for holders to submit ranked preferences of the 22 artists' artworks. Holders will then be airdropped an art piece from the collection based on their preferences and random selection. Any unburned Day One Pass gets replaced with a normal Diamond Exhibition Mint Pass that allows the holder to mint any of the remaining art pieces from the collection after the Day One allocation.