DigiDaigaku Collaborates With Castaways for New Adventure Quest

DigiDaigaku Collaborates With Castaways for New Adventure Quest
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DigiDaigaku is teaming up with Branch's Castaways, a blockchain-based island survival sandbox game, for a new Adventure Quest, according to a tweet late last night.

The Adventure Quest will unlock a brand new, unique Genesis DigiDaigaku character within the Castaways' gaming ecosystem, and it is expected to launch this October.

"Ride your raft into the sunset," the team said on Twitter. "We can't wait, it's going to be an amazing adventure."

Gabriel Leydon, the CEO of DigiDaigaku, suggested this is one of many upcoming collaborations.

"Many noticed when we put out the AdventureERC721 token that Adventure Quests would allow DigiDaigaku NFTs to connect to other web3 and web2 games in unique ways," he said. "While we are making [our] own games, our aim is to make the Digi Universe interoperable with as many worlds as possible."

And new announcements are coming soon.

"While you may have seen other NFT projects throw events in games, this will be different," Leydon continued. "Next week, we will share the implications of the AdventureERC721 token, questing system, and a new business model that we believe will transform how collaborations are done in web3."

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