Enter the Villains
Logan Hitchcock

DigiDaigaku Villains are now available for claiming and unmasking, according to tweets from the DigiDaigaku Twitter

❗Why It Matters

DigiVillains are the next piece to drop in the rapidly expanding DigiDaigaku NFT ecosystem and provided another free entry point for members outside the existing DigiDaigaku holder base. 

🎬 Take Action

DigiDaigaku Genesis holders are eligible to claim one free masked Villain at this time, while those who registered for the allowlist via FreeNFT can check to see if they were granted allowlist access to claim one free Villain. 

To claim or check status, users must head to digidaigaku.com/claims.

Once there, choose the respective Villain claiming depending on your eligibility and holdings.

If you've successfully claimed a Villain it will come masked and you'll need to complete a quest to successfully unmask it. 

🔜 What’s Next?

Beyond the Villains, users still have time to register for the upcoming DigiDragons allowlist and exclusive Super Bowl mint. This will be the next piece to drop in the Digi ecosystem. 

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Enter the Villains
Shoot Your Shot for DigiDragons
Logan Hitchcock

DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon shared the DigiDragons allowlist raffle registration link and details in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon. 

Why It Matters

While it's expected that the DigiDragons Super Bowl mint will be hotly contested, Leydon has provided an outlet for some existing NFT community members to earn an allowlist opportunity prior to the mint taking place. This would remove the need to hastily act during the Super Bowl, potentially compromising users to bad actors. 

🎬 Take Action

Users hoping to register for the exclusive allowlist raffle can head to digidaigaku.com/dragons and complete the steps to register for the raffle. 

Note: Please exercise extreme caution when engaging with links that require you to sign transactions from a web3 wallet.

The Deets

While not all is known about DigiDragons, the following are the most important details ahead of mint:

  • Quantity: 10,000 DigiDaigaku Dragons.
  • Price: Free mint.
  • When: Minting live during the Super Bowl, with exception provided to guaranteed allowlist members. 

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Shoot Your Shot for DigiDragons
Gabe Spills More on Upcoming Digi Mint
Logan Hitchcock

Gabriel Leydon announced a contest is coming to determine a limited set of allowlist spots for the upcoming DigiDragons mint that will take place on Super Bowl Sunday.

Gabe's Gabs:


Dragons are minting live this Super Bowl, February 12th during the Digi commercial! Your chance to secure your @DigiDaigaku Dragon in the most exclusive mint of all time is coming next week! YOU MUST: FOLLOW ME RETWEET THIS TWEET BEFORE THE CONTEST BEGINS!Gabriel Leydon

Why It Matters: Though the Super Bowl commercial will be viewed by millions, only a few thousand will have the ability to mint a DigiDragons NFT. After hearing from the community Leydon is offering some exclusive allowlist spots to individuals ahead of the Super Bowl commercial airing, ensuring that some lucky users will not be at the mercy of speed of their devices on Super Bowl night. 

Action Items: Users must retweet the linked tweet and follow Gabriel Leydon for a chance to be entered into the contest, and subsequently receive an allowlist for the DigiDragons mint. 

What's Next: Next week Leydon is expected to share more information on the upcoming allowlist contest. 

Go Deeper: Digi Announces Super Bowl Mint

Gabe Spills More on Upcoming Digi Mint
Got Allowlist?
Logan Hitchcock

The DigiDaigaku Villains allowlist application will close today at 1:00 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from the project

Why It Matters: Anyone hoping to secure a chance at the free mint of DigiDaigaku Villains will need to make sure their application has been submitted prior to the 1:00 p.m. ET deadline. The registration is open to any and all interested participants and does not require holding an NFT from the DigiDaigaku ecosystem. 

Action Items: Register for the allowlist raffle by 1:00 p.m. ET at freenft.xyz.

To register, users will have to perform the following actions:

  1. Connect a web3 wallet.
  2. Sign a transaction proving ownership of the wallet.
  3. Connect a Twitter account and retweet the initial DigiDaigaku announcement tweet. 

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Got Allowlist?
Limit Break Changing Royalty Game
Julian Son

Limit Break, the developer behind DigiDaigaku, is introducing its own royalty solution: opt-in, backward-compatible, programmable royalties contracts that work on any ERC-721 contract through staking, according to a tweet thread from founder Gabriel Leydon

Why It Matters: The backward-compatible nature allows the solution to be implemented on existing NFTs. Once implemented or "staked," there are various use cases, many of which are outlined below and taken directly from the announcement. More technical details can be found in the blog post.

  • Reveal: user mints a vanilla NFT that is not revealed, and it can only be revealed by staking; time-locked or paid unstake could be used to implement re-rolled reveals.
  • Rewards: staked tokens are eligible for premium airdrops, claims, or other community rewards.
  • Rentability: staking old collections to allow users to rent usage rights from token owners.
  • Guaranteed Minimum Floor Prices: staked tokens whitelist only a minimum floor contract to make pricing boundaries enforceable.
  • Equitable Royalty Systems: trustless smart contracts that allow former holders to claim a percentage of future royalties.
  • In-Game Utility: for example, Limit Break’s Adventure ERC721 system can be added to the staked token to support questing and other Web3 game features.

What People Are Saying: "The best part about this is that it's OPT IN, meaning holders have free reign to unstake and control their assets. Royalties will propel the space forward much faster if preserved. Gabe gets this and we are happy to see him contribute a solution," EllioTrades said on Twitter, voicing support.

"In the ethos of decentralization, here's a web3 company introducing a staking (wrapping) mechanic that enables creators to limit what token owners can do with their tokens, such as what price they would like to list them at. Why go through the hassle of building DMCA on-chain?" Sergito said in contrast. He continued, "[...] this tool enables creators to limit what price their tokens can be resold for by their owners. Optional or not, that is exactly what you are enabling it."

In a response to the backlash, Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon stressed, "It’s just a tool. It’s open source and you can choose to use features or not. We have plenty of examples where this feature would be great for games."

🕳️ Dive Deeper:

Limit Break Changing Royalty Game
Gabriel Leydon Teases 'Community Royalties' Coming in January

Limit Break CEO and DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon teased a new 'Community Royalties' solution on Wednesday, scheduled for release in January.

The structure will allow for both the creator and previous collectors of the NFT to receive royalties — enforced on-chain through a smart contract, according to Leydon. The contract will also be open-source, allowing for adoption from other projects in the space.

"Just imagine getting a FREE NFT with baked in community royalties for the owners of the NFT," Leydon tweeted. "The whole space is going to change overnight."

Digital art marketplace SuperRare utilizes a similar concept with Artist and Collector Royalties. After the initial sale, a collector receives a 1% royalty payment following the first market transaction that they are not a part of (ex: Jeff mints a piece of art, then sells it — Jeff would receive a 1% royalty when the piece sells again). The royalty percentage decays by 50% each sale, and is funded out of the 3% network fee taken in each transaction.

Gabriel Leydon Teases 'Community Royalties' Coming in January
DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live

DigiDaigaku announced the launch of potion crafting on Tuesday night, with users able to create Villain and Super Villain potions utilizing their Dark Hero and Spirit NFTs. 

The combinations of NFTs burned to create the potion produce different outputs, with varying levels of classes and attributes. A recipe list is available on DigiDaigaku's website, which provides guidance on what users can expect when crafting their potion. 

Villains will be broken into different classes based on their strength, with the following structure:

  • MYTHIC (Best Super Villain)
  • OYABUN (Super Villain)
  • SAIKO-KOMON (Super Villain)
  • WAKAGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • SHATEIGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • KYODAI (upgraded Villain)
  • KOBUN (base Villain)

The class of Villain created will impact the levels of future attributes, according to the site. Teased attributes include weapons, calligraphy, and enhancements:

Full details on potion crafting can be found here, and holders can begin the Quest on the DigiDaigaku homepage.



DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live
DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits Reveal

DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon announced the reveal of the Genesis and Hero Dark Spirits on Thursday.

The Dark Spirits collection holds a 0.65 ETH floor, with only one sale post-reveal. Leydon hinted that the NFTs will soon be burned to create potions, which upgrade Villains into Super Villains. 

The project also announced a reveal competition on Thursday, encouraging users to post their Dark Spirits on Twitter for a chance to win a 1/1 commissioned art piece.

The reveal comes on the heels of parent company Limit Break's recent Super Bowl announcement, with a free DigiDaigaku Dragon mint coming via QR Code during the globally-televised game. 

DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits Reveal
DigiDaigaku's Limit Break Confirms Free NFT Mint During Super Bowl Commercial
Jason Bales

Limit Break, the company responsible for popular NFT project DigiDaigaku, recently announced that it intends to offer a free NFT mint during its upcoming Super Bowl LVII commericial advertisement.

CEO Gabe Leydon confirmed the plan during an interview with GamesBeat.

"We're doing an extremely small collection, especially compared to the audience -- something like 50 million people are going to see the commercial," Leydon said. "There will be a QR code on screen. And anybody can scan it and then mint an NFT from the DigiDaigaku collection. I think this is going to be a really big deal because I think it's going to change television advertising."

This mint is open to everyone, according to Leydon. To mint a free DigiDaigaku dragon, hopeful participants will have to watch the Super Bowl, scan the QR code during the commericial, and mint faster than millions of other hopeful participants.

The advertisement will cost Limit Break $6.5 million, which will come from its prior $200 million raise.

This isn't the first time a cryptocurrency or NFT company used a QR code during a Super Bowl commericial. Last year, Coinbase paid $13 million for a 1-minute advertisement spot to show a bouncing QR code. So many people scanned the code that Coinbase's app crashed.

“I think this is going to be the norm on television after we’re done," Leydon said. "Because why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you put digital collectibles in your ads?”

“I’m pretty excited about it,” he continued. “Nobody [in web3] has done it this way on television before. The point of it is to get a digital asset, and they’re going to be extremely rare and hopefully collectible as a result.”

Leydon, as the former CEO of Machine Zone, has run Super Bowl advertisements for gaming companies before, including Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike.

Will DigiDaigaku's time in the spotlight be more successful? Will this revolutionze advertising and digital assets? Time will tell.

DigiDaigaku's Limit Break Confirms Free NFT Mint During Super Bowl Commercial


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