Enter the Villains

Enter the Villains
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DigiDaigaku Villains are now available for claiming and unmasking, according to tweets from the DigiDaigaku Twitter

❗Why It Matters

DigiVillains are the next piece to drop in the rapidly expanding DigiDaigaku NFT ecosystem and provided another free entry point for members outside the existing DigiDaigaku holder base. 

🎬 Take Action

DigiDaigaku Genesis holders are eligible to claim one free masked Villain at this time, while those who registered for the allowlist via FreeNFT can check to see if they were granted allowlist access to claim one free Villain. 

To claim or check status, users must head to digidaigaku.com/claims.

Once there, choose the respective Villain claiming depending on your eligibility and holdings.

If you've successfully claimed a Villain it will come masked and you'll need to complete a quest to successfully unmask it. 

🔜 What’s Next?

Beyond the Villains, users still have time to register for the upcoming DigiDragons allowlist and exclusive Super Bowl mint. This will be the next piece to drop in the Digi ecosystem. 

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