DigiDaigaku's Limit Break Confirms Free NFT Mint During Super Bowl Commercial

DigiDaigaku's Limit Break Confirms Free NFT Mint During Super Bowl Commercial
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Limit Break, the company responsible for popular NFT project DigiDaigaku, recently announced that it intends to offer a free NFT mint during its upcoming Super Bowl LVII commericial advertisement.

CEO Gabe Leydon confirmed the plan during an interview with GamesBeat.

"We're doing an extremely small collection, especially compared to the audience -- something like 50 million people are going to see the commercial," Leydon said. "There will be a QR code on screen. And anybody can scan it and then mint an NFT from the DigiDaigaku collection. I think this is going to be a really big deal because I think it's going to change television advertising."

This mint is open to everyone, according to Leydon. To mint a free DigiDaigaku dragon, hopeful participants will have to watch the Super Bowl, scan the QR code during the commericial, and mint faster than millions of other hopeful participants.

The advertisement will cost Limit Break $6.5 million, which will come from its prior $200 million raise.

This isn't the first time a cryptocurrency or NFT company used a QR code during a Super Bowl commericial. Last year, Coinbase paid $13 million for a 1-minute advertisement spot to show a bouncing QR code. So many people scanned the code that Coinbase's app crashed.

“I think this is going to be the norm on television after we’re done," Leydon said. "Because why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you put digital collectibles in your ads?”

“I’m pretty excited about it,” he continued. “Nobody [in web3] has done it this way on television before. The point of it is to get a digital asset, and they’re going to be extremely rare and hopefully collectible as a result.”

Leydon, as the former CEO of Machine Zone, has run Super Bowl advertisements for gaming companies before, including Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike.

Will DigiDaigaku's time in the spotlight be more successful? Will this revolutionze advertising and digital assets? Time will tell.

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