Shoot Your Shot for DigiDragons

Shoot Your Shot for DigiDragons
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DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon shared the DigiDragons allowlist raffle registration link and details in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon. 

Why It Matters

While it's expected that the DigiDragons Super Bowl mint will be hotly contested, Leydon has provided an outlet for some existing NFT community members to earn an allowlist opportunity prior to the mint taking place. This would remove the need to hastily act during the Super Bowl, potentially compromising users to bad actors. 

🎬 Take Action

Users hoping to register for the exclusive allowlist raffle can head to and complete the steps to register for the raffle. 

Note: Please exercise extreme caution when engaging with links that require you to sign transactions from a web3 wallet.

The Deets

While not all is known about DigiDragons, the following are the most important details ahead of mint:

  • Quantity: 10,000 DigiDaigaku Dragons.
  • Price: Free mint.
  • When: Minting live during the Super Bowl, with exception provided to guaranteed allowlist members. 

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