Leydon Drops Dragons Alpha Ahead of Big Day for DigiDaigaku

Leydon Drops Dragons Alpha Ahead of Big Day for DigiDaigaku
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Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon dropped some alpha on the process of growing Dragons this morning, as all eyes are on Leydon and DigiDaigaku ahead of the project's Super Bowl commercial tonight.

โ— Why it Matters

Limit Break has spent around $6.5 million on its Super Bowl ad, which it expects to be seen by an audience of 50 million people or so. 

๐Ÿ” The Deets

  • Holders of certain DigiDaigaku ecosystem NFTs, including Genesis, Heroes and Super Villains will receive a free airdrop of "Dragon Essence."
  • The Essence will be used to grow Dragons from babies to their fully evolved forms.
  • The date of the snapshot that will be used to distribute Dragon Essence is currently TBD, and Leydon has promised to share more info soon.
  • Included in Leydon's tweet is an evolution chart that shows the Genesis collection gets the "best" Essence, Heroes get "better" and Super Villains get "good" Essence.

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