DigiDaigaku Masked Villains NFTs

DigiDaigaku Masked Villains NFT Overview

Project Information

DigiDaigaku Masked Villains is a collection of villainous character NFTs created by Limit Break on the Ethereum blockchain. Limit Break is a Web3 gaming company founded by Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, along with being the company behind the DigiDaigaku NFT collection. All holders of a DigiDaigaku Genesis or Hero NFT were able to claim a Masked Villain, along with those that won a whitelist spot through DigiDaigaku. Holders must send their Masked Villain(s) on a quest if they choose to unmask their Villain(s). When sent on the Unmask Quest, holders are able to apply a Villain Potion NFT to their quest to enhance and upgrade their Masked Villain through the Unmasking Quest.