DigiDaigaku Heroes NFTs

DigiDaigaku Heroes NFT Overview

Project Information

DigiDaigaku Heroes is a collection of unique anime character NFTs developed by Limit Break on the Ethereum blockchain. The only way to mint a DigiDaigaku Hero is by using a DigiDaigaku Spirit NFT. There are a total of three different bloodlines of DigiDaigaku Heroes: Royal, Warrior, and Rogue. Each bloodline is determined by the purity of the DigiDaigaku Hero creation. Combining a DigiDaigaku Spirt with a matching DigiDaigaku Genesis creates a Royal Hero. Combining a DigiDaigaku Spirit with a non-matching DigiDaigaku Genesis creates a Warrior Hero. Additionally, a Rogue Hero can be created by using a DigiDaigaku Spirit alone to mint a Hero.