Limit Break Changing Royalty Game

Limit Break Changing Royalty Game
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Limit Break, the developer behind DigiDaigaku, is introducing its own royalty solution: opt-in, backward-compatible, programmable royalties contracts that work on any ERC-721 contract through staking, according to a tweet thread from founder Gabriel Leydon

Why It Matters: The backward-compatible nature allows the solution to be implemented on existing NFTs. Once implemented or "staked," there are various use cases, many of which are outlined below and taken directly from the announcement. More technical details can be found in the blog post.

  • Reveal: user mints a vanilla NFT that is not revealed, and it can only be revealed by staking; time-locked or paid unstake could be used to implement re-rolled reveals.
  • Rewards: staked tokens are eligible for premium airdrops, claims, or other community rewards.
  • Rentability: staking old collections to allow users to rent usage rights from token owners.
  • Guaranteed Minimum Floor Prices: staked tokens whitelist only a minimum floor contract to make pricing boundaries enforceable.
  • Equitable Royalty Systems: trustless smart contracts that allow former holders to claim a percentage of future royalties.
  • In-Game Utility: for example, Limit Break’s Adventure ERC721 system can be added to the staked token to support questing and other Web3 game features.

What People Are Saying: "The best part about this is that it's OPT IN, meaning holders have free reign to unstake and control their assets. Royalties will propel the space forward much faster if preserved. Gabe gets this and we are happy to see him contribute a solution," EllioTrades said on Twitter, voicing support.

"In the ethos of decentralization, here's a web3 company introducing a staking (wrapping) mechanic that enables creators to limit what token owners can do with their tokens, such as what price they would like to list them at. Why go through the hassle of building DMCA on-chain?" Sergito said in contrast. He continued, "[...] this tool enables creators to limit what price their tokens can be resold for by their owners. Optional or not, that is exactly what you are enabling it."

In a response to the backlash, Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon stressed, "It’s just a tool. It’s open source and you can choose to use features or not. We have plenty of examples where this feature would be great for games."

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