DigiDaigaku Airdrop Details Are Here

DigiDaigaku Airdrop Details Are Here
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Gabriel Leydon, the CEO of DigiDaigaku's parent company Limit Break, revealed the details for its upcoming airdrop via Twitter.

For each Digi NFT in every holders' wallet, they'll receive a unique Spirit NFT that matches the respective Digi. Utility of this airdrop is currently unknown.

"You won't be able to do anything with it at first," the tweet reads. "But each Spirit [NFT] is a core ingredient in creating Digidaigaku Heroes."

Each Digi Heroes will have one of three bloodlines: Rogue, Warrior, or Royal. 

The Royal bloodline is the most powerful and is created by combining two matching DigiDaigaku Genesis NFTs. These "ultimately yield the greatest reward."

The Warrior bloodline is "strong but impure." It is created by combining two different, non-matching DigiDaigaku Genesis NFTs. Warriors are "strong and yield powerful rewards."

The Rogue bloodline is the weakest and "highly volatile." It is created by using a Spirit without a Digi NFT and yields "extremely random rewards."

Mythic Digis create Mythic Spirits, and all the same bloodlines rules apply to these as well.

"This process will reward the most patient and wisest Digi Holders," Leydon insists. "Those with the patience and fortitude to build the strongest bloodline will win in the end. Choose wisely."

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