DigiDaigaku, EtherOrcs Airdrop Coming Soon

DigiDaigaku, EtherOrcs Airdrop Coming Soon
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DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT holders should expect an airdrop soon, according to a tweet from the project. 

The airdrop is part of the newly formed collaboration and partnership with EtherOrcs, a dungeon-based gaming NFT project. 

The airdrop will consist of one DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key EtherOrcs, which when staked, allows the holder to use a DigiDaigaku character within the EtherOrcs game. Each playable character will have unique stats and abilities, which are described in detail in the EtherOrcs breakdown. 

After the airdrop, an official collaboration event will commence (sometime this week according to Gabriel Leydon) in two separate phases.

Phase one will allow EtherOrcs NFT holders to storm a "Digi Dungeon" up to 1,000 times for exclusive loot held within a "Digi Chest."

Phase two will allow Adventure Key EtherOrcs airdrop holders to crawl into a new EtherOrcs dungeon for additional prizes, which will be usable in the EtherOrcs gaming system. 

Want to experience the upcoming gameplay? You can do so via the EtherOrcs demo

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