DigiDaigaku Is Going to Super Bowl LVII With New Ad

DigiDaigaku Is Going to Super Bowl LVII With New Ad
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DigiDaigaku will appear in this year's Super Bowl LVII after its parent company Limit Break purchased a commercial advertisement spot, the NFT project's founder Gabriel Leydon announced on Twitter.

One special DigiDaigaku from the community will be featured in the 30-second, $6.5 million ad. Leydon is running a contest to select that special NFT.

Last season, the NFL's Super Bowl LVI saw more than 100 million total viewers. Rumors circled that Bored Ape Yacht Club would appear in a coveted Super Bowl ad last year, but it never happened.

"We spent months considering doing this ad and decided that we would only do this if we could provide a cool web3 experience that supports the DigiDaigaku community and grows then Digi brand," Leydon said on Twitter. "I have personally overseen billions of dollars in marketing buys and I can confidently tell you a Superbowl ad (this will be my third one) is the most effective video ad you can buy in the world. People talk about the ads they see for years."

The ad is intended to show web3 to millions of new people, and the experience will be something "the world has not seen before."

“It’s definitely going to be new," Leydon told VentureBeat. "That’s for sure. I believe it’s going to be the first full-featured NFT branding ad in the Superbowl, which we’re really excited about ... we’re excited to push the boundaries, a lot like we used to do in the mobile world with advertising.”

Leydon hopes this advertisement is remembered for years to come. But it isn't all Limit Break has planned for DigiDaigaku.

"This Super Bowl commercial is just one part of our plans," Leydon said. "We have also made millions [of dollars] in commitments in addition to this ad and will be considering more in the near future."

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