DigiDaigaku Mythic Sells for $260K

DigiDaigaku Mythic Sells for $260K
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After a number of 120 ETH (~$156,000) bids yesterday, DigiDaigaku #1632 - Ifrit sold for 200 ETH (~$260,000) this morning.

This is one of five total DigiDaigaku Mythic-trait NFTs, and the 120 ETH bids have been revoked from all DigiDaigaku Mythics except the one that recently sold. 

Prior to this morning's sale, the highest sale was 59 ETH for DigiDaigaku #379 - Leviathan. It is also worth noting that one of the five Mythics, DigiDaigaku #1938 - Titania, have the suspicious activity marker from OpenSea, and as a result, it has zero bids.

In the last 24 hours, DigiDaigaku has seen its floor price rise more than 7 percent to 11.99 ETH. This is despite a 30 percent decline in total sales volume and a 40 percent decline in total sales. 

How this mega sale will impact the DigiDaigaku market is yet to be seen.

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