Get Ready for the 'Other Side' of DigiDaigaku

Get Ready for the 'Other Side' of DigiDaigaku

DigiDaigaku's Hero reveal is coming today, and it will create the "other side" of the NFT project, according to founder and CEO Gabriel Leydon.

Both DigiDaigaku Genesis and Hero NFTs will soon receive a new type of spirit, which will impact holders' Super Bowl LVII experience "and beyond."

Yesterday, DigiDaigaku announced its $6.5 million Super Bowl advertisement coming in 2023, and the Hero reveal is tied to that announcement in some way.

"What we are going to do with this Super Bowl ad is unprecedented, and you will want to make sure you use your Genesis and Hero to create the most powerful combinations and upgrades," Leydon wrote on Twitter. "We will give you detailed instructions on what to do next using the adventure system. This will get much more complex this time around."

More information is expected for holders in the coming hours.

More about DigiDaigaku

At the time of publish, the DigiDaigaku floor price sits at 10.229 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 26 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 7 sharp wallets have sold 8 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 2 NFTs in the DigiDaigaku collection. Catch up on other recent DigiDaigaku news here.

Recent DigiDaigaku Sales

#565sold at 12/06 4:12pm for
#1084sold at 12/06 4:12pm for
#336sold at 12/06 4:12pm for
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Recent DigiDaigaku Listings

#135listed at 12/06 6:12pm for
#135listed at 12/06 6:12pm for
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#1277listed at 12/06 6:12pm for
#1084listed at 12/06 4:12pm for
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