DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits NFTs

DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits NFT Overview

Project Information

DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits is a collection of 4,039 dark spirit NFTs created by Limit Break on the Ethereum blockchain. Limit Break is a Web3 gaming company founded by Gabriel Leydon and  Halbert Nakagawa, along with being the company behind the DigiDaigaku NFT collection. Each Dark Spirit NFT can be used to craft a potion that will further be used to mutate a DigiDaigaku NFT into a villain. All Genesis DigiDaigakus and Royal and Warrior DigiDaigaku Heroes were airdropped two Dark Spirit NFTs for each Genesis, Royal Hero, and Warrior Hero DigiDaigaku held. Holders of Rogue DigiDaigaku Heroes were airdropped one Dark Spirit NFT per Rogue Hero held.