Divine Anarchy NFTs

Divine Anarchy NFT Overview

Project Information

Divine Anarchy is a decentralized NFT experiment that combines game theory and community to decide utility, community and adventure for all the players. There will be 16,011 unique NFTs that will be created at launch.

The project is led by AssetBender, who’s been in the crypto space in 2017 and has a sizeable 12.4K followers (at the time of writing this) on Twitter.

The project has been garnering a lot of attention as the project account has 20K followers on Twitter and 115K+ members in their discord channel. The presale launch is November 5th at 9AM EST. The public launch is November 6th at 9AM EST.

Divine Anarchy differentiates itself from other projects by trying to be the first NFT MMORPG that will allow its users to influence what happens.