Divine Wolves NFTs

Divine Wolves NFT Overview

Project Information

Divine Wolves is a collection of 3,800 Wolf NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of Divine Wolves are entitled to $FANG token generation which can be used for breeding, metaverse access, and more. Each Wolf earns 5 $FANG tokens per day. 

There are ten legendary wolves that are all 1 of 1 within the collection. Only three legendary wolves are put in the initial mint. The other seven are auctioned off. Breeding of the 6,200 wolf pups takes place by holding two genesis wolves and a $FANG token. Wolf pups have all the same privileges as the genesis wolves except they do not produce a $FANG token. Wolf owners will be able to mint the 3D VX Wolves, which can be used in metaverse environments such as The Sandbox.