Doodle Rooms NFT NFTs

Doodle Rooms NFT NFT Overview

Project Information

Doodle Rooms is a series of 9,999 curated NFT spaces in the form of rooms that will be part of a tower in Decentraland.

Doodle Room holders have access to the Doodle Room ecosystem, including an airdrop of the actual 3D version of the room they hold. This 3D room is part of a tower on Decentraland on the Doodle estate.

The Doodle Room project purchased an estate to house the Doodle Tower on Decentraland. The proceeds came from the community wallet, which makes up 15 percent of primary sales.

Each Room is integrated into the tower on certain floors that can be accessed from Decentraland. The tower is accessible and each room will open into another web3.0 site where each Room can be viewed in 3D in this stage.

The tower has public spaces open to be rented out for events for monetization.

These spaces include casinos, concert halls, sports facilities, and cinema theaters.

The funds that are made from hosting events in the public spaces of Doodle Tower is split proportionally amongst the owners of the rooms corresponding to their respective contracts.

Each room is hosted in a VR environment where holders can walk around their room.

Doodle Rooms has a four person team including a designer, developers, and a project manager. The project founder, Mangalesh, is the lead deisgner for Axon worlds and has experience in photoshop, 3Ds max, illustrator, and Revit.