Doodles Bucket Auction Details Released

Doodles Bucket Auction Details Released
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Doodles released information on the Bucket Auction, where it will offer up 20,000 Genesis boxes to users in a 24-hour auction starting June 29 at 7 p.m. ET.

The project tweeted that users will be able to track their bids and increase them as time progresses in a ranked auction. The price will be set by the bids. During NFT NYC, 4,000 Genesis boxes were minted IRL on a credit-card-enabled machine. The cost for those boxes was $123.

Inside the Genesis boxes is a set of wearable NFTs including hats, clothing, and accessories that can be used for Doodles 2, the next step in the project which features a massive expansion. 

Project leaders told an NFT NYC crowd that the Doodles 2 collectible is a “mass-market, identity-focused NFT” that can be customized using “wearables, animated characters, fully-licensed music, and more."

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