Doodles Shares DoodleMap

Doodles Shares DoodleMap
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The DoodleMap, an illustration of the DoodleVerse, was released by Doodles on Friday afternoon.

The Deets

The DoodleMap provides a visual representation of the Doodles ecosystem and attempts to showcase the team's continued investment in the Ethereum ecosystem and the original Doodles collection.

While many of the DoodleMap items were already known, a few new or rarely talked about items are listed below:

  • Doodles Records: Placed closely to the "Stoodio," Doodles Records is indicated as a part of the Doodles' Ethereum roadmap. For those who may not recall, Chief Brand Officer Pharrell is actively working on Doodles Records: Volume 1 for release sometime this year
  • Planets: There has been some speculation that a game would come for those who wrapped their Doodles NFTs into Space Doodles, but that has not been confirmed. 
  • The Stoodio: It's not immediately clear what the depiction of "The Stoodio" is - though it's placed closely to Doodles Records, and a pencil - which may indicate some artistic or creative endeavor or "studio." 

❗Why It Matters

Doodles, much like PROOF, has been consistently dinged for its inability to transparently and consistently communicate its progress and plans with holders and the NFT community. In the wake of the news that a bulk of the future of Doodles plans (Doodles 2) would take place on a different blockchain, many speculated that it would be difficult for the team to drive value back to the original Doodles on ETH. While the details are limited, the DoodlesMap appears to indicate that the team has a handful of initiatives planned for those staying closer to the Ethereum blockchain. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Our team is stacked, our vision is clear, and we have the resources to deliver.Doodles

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