Own Your Dooplication

Own Your Dooplication
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The Doodles team created a self-custody guide for Dooplication, which Doodles co-founder poopie tweeted this afternoon.

What It Means

The self-custody Dooplication guide is for those who want full custody and self-control of their wearable NFTs, instead of relying on a custody solution operated by another party (like the Dapper wallet).

❗Why It Matters

The Doodles 2 launch on Flow brought mixed signals from the community, with many voicing concerns over the "centralized" foundations of the Flow blockchain. The self-custody solution provides an alternative measure - albeit a highly technical  one - to housing Doodles 2 assets.

With safety and security always a paramount issue, please proceed with caution and remember that Doodles itself outlines that "this is not supported by Doodles."

🎬 Take Action

Please see the guide to follow the steps appropriately and safely, but an abridged version is provided below for simplicity:

  1. Download and set up Lilico wallet.
  2. Initialize your account with smart contracts to receive wearables NFTs.
  3. Send a Dooplication transaction on Ethereum via Etherscan.
  4. View wearables you received on the Find.xyz marketplace.
  5. Explore additional marketplaces with lending features.

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