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gm NFTs March 9: Yellen Leak, Dour Darcels Rise
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Late last night, both BTC and ETH jumped, perhaps as a result of the leaked report from the desk of Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen. BTC jumped roughly 5% and $ETH over 3% in just a 60 minute span. After that both coins experienced a slight pullback, but both remain up over 7% on a 24-hour basis, as of this writing. 

Today's Top News:

  • Market Movers
  • Super Ordinary Villains
  • Biden Executive Order?

Market Movers

Dour Darcels, which minted for 0.1 ETH just this past Saturday, continues to make positive moves.

The project is up 106.27% in total volume and up 47.83% in floor volume in the past day, and now ranks second in overall volume with just under 1,000 ETH traded. This leaves the project behind only BAYC, which actually fell 55.66% in volume despite the floor moving back up to 74.69 ETH.

Dour Darcels now sits at a 0.34 ETH floor. 

World of Women saw its highest volume in almost a month, trading for a total of 321.85 ETH yesterday.

This is the most since trading 325.27 ETH in volume on Feb. 16, when the median sale was 10.62 ETH, as compared to yesterday's 7.4 ETH.

Still, it's a sign of life for the project as the floor rose back up to 7.5 ETH, a 7.14% 24-hour gain.

On the negative side, MAYC fell 39.32% in volume while its floor dropped 2.54% to 14.6 ETH.

Azuki dropped 53.3% in total volume, although the floor only saw a slight change of -0.54%, still sitting at 9.25 ETH.

Finally, mfers total volume decreased by 34.92% and the floor by 6.51%. The project now sits at a floor price of 2.01 ETH.

Super Ordinary Villains

The Super Ordinary Villains public sale will kickoff today at noon ET.  The 8,888 NFT collection had its presale yesterday, selling 6,000 NFTs to 3,000 holders for the cost of 0.1 ETH each. The remaining NFTs to be minted will cost 0.12 ETH. The current floor on Opensea is just under public mint price at .119 ETH.

Learn more about the project and mint details on our schedule page

Biden Executive Order Expected Today

The White House and Congress have been teasing an executive order with regards to cryptocurrency for a few months now.

According to this Tweet by Matt Corallo (@TheBlueMatt), Janet Yellen, the current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, released and then immediately deleted a statement.

Thankfully, these days posting something and then removing it as quickly as Yellen did is not quite enough to stop the world from seeing it. In fact, the entire statement, posted (and subsequently deleted) last night but containing today's date, is available to read right now. 

The announcement suggests that Yellen and her Treasury Department will be investigating cryptocurrency, digital assets, and are expected to "produce a report on the future of money and payment systems." 

Enjoy your hump day and we will see you right back here tomorrow.

gm NFTs March 9: Yellen Leak, Dour Darcels Rise