3D FrankenPunks NFTs

3D FrankenPunks NFT Overview

Project Information

3D Frankenpunks is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFT creations from the mind of Dr. Ethvil. The project is founded by @TrackerNFT with all artwork made by the creator of 3D Punks, @3DPunks_. 3D Frankenpunks have purchased four Cryptopunks and have stored them in a community governed gnosis wallet along with an additional 288 ETH for the community. 

3D Frankenpunks are releasing a token ($FRANKEN) that will act as a governence token for the project funds. $FRANKEN is backed by the value and performance of the Cryptopunks in their vault and the community treasury. Holders are able to propose how to utilize the funds in the community wallet and vote on what proposals are passed. 3D Frankenpunks holders are also able to purchase project merchandise from the 3D Frankenpunks online store that includes stickers, apparel, and phone cases.