DraftKings Announces 10% Sale on Reignmakers Packs

DraftKings Announces 10% Sale on Reignmakers Packs
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DraftKings has announced a 10%discount on remaining, unopened Momentum and Elevate packs starting today for its Reignmakers product.

Following the completion of Week 6 of the NFL season, DraftKings has now paid out over $7M in total prizes through Reignmakers contests. As the secondary market has adjusted to the remaining prize inventory, DraftKings is responding by lowering the cost the remaining Reignmakers packs. Specifically, the following adjustments will be made to Momentum and Elevate packs:

  • Reignmaker (Momentum): $9,999.99 -> $8,999.99 (10% savings)
  • Reignmaker (Elevate): $29,999.99 -> $26,999.99 (10% savings)
  • Legendary: $1,999.99 -> $1,799.99 (10% savings)
  • Elite: $399.99 -> $359.99 (10% savings)
  • Rare: $99.99 -> $89.99 (10% savings)
  • Core: $49.99 -> $44.99 (10% savings)

Following this 10% discount, the EV of a Rare unopened pack will increase to +15%, according to data provided by DraftKings as of Monday 10/17/2022 that is based on the last seven days of sales activity.

As the prize pool is distributed over the remainder of the season, DraftKings will continue to lower the cost of any remaining packs. The next adjustment will come after Week 9, when prices will be lowered by an additional 10%, followed by further adjustments after Weeks 12 and 15. After the final adjustment post-Week 15, packs will cost 60% of their original value.

Want to know which cards you could pull in these discounted packs? Head over to Lucky Trader's Price Estimation tool, where we have filters for each set and rarity tier.

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