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DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStars List, Collabs with Moonbirds
Bill Monighetti

DraftKings announced big news heading into the NFL playoffs for its Reignmakers product this morning. The list of SuperStar players has been updated for the second time this season, and the team announced a collaboration with PROOF's Moonbirds PFP project.

❗ Why it Matters: Reignmakers players will need to adjust to the strategic ramifications that will result from DraftKings' updated SuperStar criteria.

🧠 Need to Know:

  • DraftKings has made the following changes to its SuperStar criteria heading into the NFL playoffs: 1.) A maximum of three players per conference can be designated as SuperStars. 2.) No more than three SuperStars can be from a single conference. 
  • The six SuperStars heading into the playoffs are Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, Austin Ekeler and Christian McCaffrey.
  • A Reignmakers Football x Moonbirds Playoff Side Set will be released in the coming days. This side set will feature six players with 25 RARE Moonbirds-themed editions.
  • Auctions for the Moonbirds side set will begin tomorrow with starting bids at $1 and bid increments of $5.
  • The list of six players whose cards will be up for auction includes Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Tony Pollard, A.J. Brown and Dak Prescott.
  • Additionally, Moonbirds NFT holders who have nested their Moonbird will be eligible for a special RM Football x Moonbirds RARE Big Game Contest on Sunday, February 12 for the Super Bowl. The winner of this contest will win a collectible of the DraftKings Moonbird featured on the player cards, and the top 150 finishers will split a $5,000 prize pool.
  • Eligibility for the Super Bowl contest will be based on a February 6 snapshot.

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DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStars List, Collabs with Moonbirds
The First Pack Drop of Reignmakers UFC Season 1 is Here
Bill Monighetti

The first official pack drop of Reignmakers UFC Season 1 is here! DraftKings' Genesis UFC pack drop will take place today, beginning at 12:00 PM ET.

Why the Genesis Set Matters: Unlike Event cards, which are limited to a single event, Genesis cards are playable throughout the UFC season. Additionally, Genesis cards offer a 5x points multiplier towards a collector's Franchise Score.

What You Need to Know:

  • During this UFC season, DraftKings will offer $12M in 2023 rewards. Collectors can compete for a share of these rewards by building their collections through Genesis pack drops, Event pack drops, and the secondary marketplace.
  • In addition to today's pack sale, there will also be auctions for Reignmakers UFC Genesis Player Cards, starting with UFC Fight Night: Imavov vs Gastelum fighter game cards and then moving on to UFC 283 fighter game cards.
  • Octagon Pass Holders will have early access to the Genesis Standard Packs, with the number of packs available based on the tier of the pass held. Octagon Pass Holders will also have access to regular DFS free contests and monthly sportsbook free bets (subject to state-eligibility requirements). This eligibility will be determined based on a snapshot that took place on January 5 at 11:59 PM ET.

During the drop, the following packs will be available:

2023 Genesis PREMIUM Pack: 

  • Cost: $349.99
  • Count: 5,544
  • Cards Per Pack: 5
  • Average Results Per Pack: 0.08 REIGNMAKER cards, 0.65 LEGENDARY cards, 1.32 ELITE cards,2.95 RARE cards, 0 CORE cards

2023 Genesis STANDARD Pack: 

  • Cost: $34.99
  • Count: 23,625
  • Cards Per Pack: 5
  • Average Results Per Pack: 0 REIGNMAKER cards, 0 LEGENDARY cards, 0.103 ELITE cards, 0.733 RARE cards, 4.164 CORE cards

2023 Genesis CORE Add-On Pack: 

  • Cost: $4.99
  • Count: 32,461
  • Cards Per Pack: 1
  • Average Results Per Pack: 0 REIGNMAKER cards, 0 LEGENDARY cards, 0 ELITE cards, 0 RARE cards, 1 CORE cards

Join the pack drop here at 12:00 PM ET today.

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The First Pack Drop of Reignmakers UFC Season 1 is Here
DraftKings Reveals 2023 Plans for UFC Reignmakers Product
Bill Monighetti
DraftKings Reveals 2023 Plans for UFC Reignmakers Product
DraftKings Sheds Light on 2023 Reignmakers Plans
Bill Monighetti

DraftKings announced a series of roadmap updates for its Reignmakers NFL product as the season inches closer to the playoffs and turned an eye towards the 2023 season. First, some end of year items for 2022:

  • DraftKings noted that all remaining unsold Reignmakers NFL packs will be removed from the site on Sunday, January 8 at 1:00 PM ET. This date corresponds with the last Sunday of the NFL regular season
  • A Franchise Score snapshot will take place on January 4, and a total of $200K in prizes will be distributed based on the Frachise Score Leaderboard at that time
  • During the playoffs, DraftKings will move to weekly Franchise Score contests. There will be $25K up for grabs through these contests during the playoffs
  • As for prize pools, DraftKings notes there will be $1million in prizes up for grabs in each round of the NFL playoffs

DraftKings also shed some light on its 2023 plans with several updates aimed at next season:

  • Collectors will be able to enter contests with 2022 cards during the 2023 season. Specifically, DraftKings will offer ~$100K in weekly prizes through gated contests each week where 2022 cards will be required for entry. There will be opportunities to win 2023 Elite and Reignmaker tier cards through these contests
  • In terms of Franchise Score, during the 2023 season, 2022 cards will retain 10% of their value towards a collector's Franchise Score
  • Next season, DraftKings plans to offer "curated collection-oriented challenges for 2022 player cards"
  • DraftKings will also debut a new "craft and burn" functionality that will allow collectors to exchange 2022 cards for 2023 cards
  • 2023 cards will begin entering the ecosystem this spring

Finally, DraftKings highlighted some areas of improvement the team will focus on as Reignmakers turns the page on its first season:

  • Easier ways to enter contests and manage lineups
  • More opportunities to win prizes through "collection-oriented games and mechanics"
DraftKings Sheds Light on 2023 Reignmakers Plans
DraftKings Announces Upcoming Holiday "North Pole All-Stars" Drop
Bill Monighetti

DraftKings has announced it will be dropping 700 "Halfcourt Helpers" and 200 "Crossover Kringles" on Monday, December 19 as part of a "North Pole All-Stars" drop in a Discord message this afternoon. The 900 total packs will cost $89.99 each and will offer a variety of perks. Specifically, holders will gain access to the below listed DFS contests based on a snapshot that will take place on December 21 at 7:00 PM ET:

  • HalfCourt Helpers: $10K contest & two $4 tickets
  • Crossover Kringles: $15K contest & one $25 holiday basketball special ticket

Additionally, Crossover Kringles are allowed access to "an exclusive DFS contest where you bucket increased rewards for every player prop hit across five NBA games on December 25." Eligibility for this perk will be based on a snapshot taken on December 25 at 10:00 AM ET. Holders of both HalfCourt Helpers and Crossover Kringles will receive a "special reward NFT airdrop" based on a January 9 snapshot.

DraftKings also announced the following upcoming perks:

  • Entry into a $1k DFS contest on January 4 for collection holders who also hold a DraftKings Troll NFT with the "basketball jersey "trait.
  • An additional $25 Holiday Basketball Special ticket for Daily Fantasy Membership NFT holders
  • Entry into a special holiday $5k DFS contest on December 25 for holders of certain North Pole All-Stars (specifically, edition numbers 12, 24, 25, 26, 125, 225, 325, 425, 525, 625)

Eligibility for the above listed rewards will be determined based on a December 21 snapshot.

Finally, DraftKings announced an auction taking place on Wednesday, December 21 for certain holiday-themed characters that will provide the below utility:

  • Entry into a $4k DFS contest on January 4
  • Dynasty rewards status upgraded to Gold for two months
  • DraftKings holiday swag bundle
DraftKings Announces Upcoming Holiday "North Pole All-Stars" Drop
Over $100k is Up For Grabs in DraftKings/Pixel Vault Reignmakers Contests
Bill Monighetti

DraftKings and Pixel Vault released additional information regarding the collaboration between the two brands that was previously announced on December 8 in a press release today.

As part of the deal, DraftKings will drop limited-edition Pixel Vault player cards in a special pack drop that will take place tomorrow ahead of the Week 15 NFL slate. These cards will feature NFL players "with a superhero twist using Pixel Vault's signature intellectual property," according to the press release. This latest special edition set follows a collaboration between DraftKings and Deadfellaz in late October that featured NFL players in the style of Deadfellaz characters.

As with previous sets, these new Pixel Vault cards will be playable in DraftKings Reignmakers contests during the 2022 NFL season. Specifically, DraftKings will host contests that will require Pixel Vault cards this Saturday during the NFL's six-team slate of games. There will be over $100,000 in total cash prizes up for grabs through these gated contests. Additionally, Pixel Vault card holders "may receive a ticket to compete in a private daily fantasy sports contest in Week 17 of the professional football season, in which contest rewards will be scaled based on touchdown-scoring yardage of Pixel Vault players in Week 15," per the release.

DraftKings co-founder and president Matt Kalish called Pixel Vault, "one of the miost innovative brands in Web3," while adding, "We believe our customers will be drawn to the limited edition, action-packed character collection." Terese Whitehead, the VP of Consumer Products and Strategy for NFL Players Inc. added, "We're excited to integrate Pixel Vault's incredible artwork to create a unique set of collectibles for new and existing fans to showcase their fandom and connections to their favorite NFL players."

View the below copied official press release for further details

**********OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE**********

BOSTON & JACKSONVILLE (December 13, 2022) – DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG), Pixel Vault Inc., and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) announced today an exciting collaboration to transform select professional football players into limited-edition player cards with a superhero twist using Pixel Vault’s signature intellectual property. The collection is scheduled to drop today, December 13, 2022, on DraftKings Marketplace ahead of Week 15 of the professional football season. The Pixel Vault player cards will be playable exclusively in Reignmakers Football contests, DraftKings’ NFT-based fantasy football-style game, which uses Reignmakers Football player card NFTs that are officially licensed by the NFLPA. Reignmakers Football launched in August 2022 and provides customers the opportunity to build
a collection of NFT player cards with which they can draft a lineup for use in fantasy sports-style contests on DraftKings’ platforms. “Pixel Vault is one of the most innovative brands in Web3, and I am thrilled to incorporate their creative artwork into Reignmakers Football,” said Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder & President, DraftKings North America. We believe our customers will be drawn to the limited edition, action-packed character collection and we look forward to debuting the player cards on DraftKings Marketplace.”

As part of the collaboration, select professional football players will be transformed into superheroes created by Pixel Vault which will be available for purchase on DraftKings Marketplace. The complete list of players will be announced in the coming days.

The previously announced agreement between DraftKings and the NFLPA facilitated by OneTeam Partners, which leads the NFLPA’s video games and trading cards business, grants DraftKings licensing rights for active players, including the authentic use of name, image and likeness.

“We’re excited to integrate Pixel Vault’s incredible artwork to create a unique set of collectibles for new and existing fans to showcase their fandom and connections to their favorite NFL players,” said Terése Whitehead, VP of Consumer Products and Strategy for NFL Players Inc., the marketing and licensing arm of the NFLPA.

“Pixel Vault is excited to collaborate with DraftKings and the NFLPA,” said Sean Gearin, Founder and CEO of Pixel Vault. “Storytelling takes many forms, and our portrayal represents how fans look to athletes as their everyday heroes. Digital collectibles such as Reignmakers Football player cards connect fans to the
sports they love. This is just the beginning of what’s possible when the world of Web3 and sports collide.”

Those who purchase one of the limited-edition Pixel Vault packs will unlock access to gated Pixel Vault-themed contests, which will feature over $100,000 in total cash prizes, for the professional football games taking place on Saturday, December 17. Additionally, eligible Pixel Vault player card holders may receive
a ticket to compete in a private daily fantasy sports contest in Week 17 of the professional football season, in which contest rewards will be scaled based on touchdown-scoring yardage of Pixel Vault players in Week 15.

Reignmakers Football customers can purchase NFTs from the collaboration anywhere in the U.S. and play in Reignmakers Football contests where available. For more information on DraftKings Marketplace, Reignmakers Football and related upcoming drops, customers can visit marketplace.draftkings.com.

About DraftKings
DraftKings Inc. is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company created to fuel the competitive spirit of sports fans with products that range across daily fantasy, regulated gaming and digital media. Headquartered in Boston, and launched in 2012 by Jason Robins, Matt Kalish and Paul Liberman, DraftKings is the only U.S.-based vertically integrated sports betting operator. DraftKings is a multi-channel provider of sports betting and gaming technologies, powering sports and gaming entertainment
for operators in 17 countries. The company operates iGaming in 5 states through its DraftKings brand, as well as operating Golden Nugget Online Gaming, an award-winning iGaming product and iconic gaming brand, in 3 states. DraftKings’ Sportsbook is live with mobile and/or retail betting operations in the United States pursuant to regulations in 21 states and in Ontario, Canada. DraftKings’ daily fantasy sports product is available in 6 countries internationally with 15 distinct sports categories. DraftKings is both an official daily fantasy and sports betting partner of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA TOUR and UFC as well as an official daily fantasy partner of NASCAR. Launched in August 2021, DraftKings Marketplace is a digital collectibles ecosystem designed for mainstream accessibility that offers curated NFT drops and supports secondary-market transactions. DraftKings also owns Vegas Sports Information Network (VSiN), a multi-platform broadcast and content company.

About Pixel Vault
Pixel Vault, Inc. is a Web3-native media company with storytelling at its core. The creators of PUNKS Comics and Inhabitants Universe (formerly, MetaHero Universe), Pixel Vault leverages unique blockchain mechanics, decentralization and game theory to engage collectors of their digital tokens through comics, games, digital experiences and more.

About the NFLPA
The National Football League Players Association (“NFLPA”) is the union for professional football players in the National Football League. Established in 1956, the NFLPA has a long history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests. The NFLPA has shown that it will do whatever is necessary to assure that the rights of players are protectedincluding ceasing to be a union, if necessary, as it did in 1989. In 1993, the NFLPA again was officially recognized as the union representing the players and negotiated a landmark Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”) with the NFL. The current CBA will govern the sport through the 2030 NFL season.

About NFL Players Inc.
NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFLPA, connects businesses to the power of NFL players. NFL Players Inc. creates customized business solutions for partners, through licensing, marketing strategy and player activations. For more information, please visit nflpa.com/players.

Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements made in this press release are “forward looking statements” within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. When used in this press release, the words “estimates,” “projected,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “forecasts,” “plans,” “intends,” “believes,” “seeks,” “may,” “will,” “should,” “future,” “propose” and variations of these words or similar expressions (or the negative versions of such words or
expressions) are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, conditions or results, and involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors, many of which are outside DraftKings’ control, that could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. For a discussion of additional risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements, see DraftKings’ filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. DraftKings does not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

DraftKings Contact:

Pixel Vault Contact:


Over $100k is Up For Grabs in DraftKings/Pixel Vault Reignmakers Contests
SlyCrocs, Field Pass Snapshots on Tap
Staff Writer

DraftKings Reignmakers game is holding two snapshots — one for the upcoming Pixel Vault set and another for its SlyCrocs partnership — in the coming days.

Holders of 2022 Field Passes during a Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 10 a.m. ET snapshot will be eligible for an unspecified rebate on the upcoming Pixel Vault packs

The SlyCrocs snapshot is today at 11:59 p.m. ET for holders and for those with '80s sweater, hoodie, puffy jacket, turtleneck, and beanie traits. All holders as of the snapshot will be able to enter the Week 15 contest and the holders of Slycrocs with the aforementioned traits will receive an airdrop.

SlyCrocs, Field Pass Snapshots on Tap
DraftKings Announces National Championship Troll Contest, Rarity Score Filter

DraftKings announced several updates for Troll holders on Friday, centered around the upcoming College Football Playoff beginning in late December. 

A National Championship contest is being held for all Troll holders on Monday, Jan. 9, with each troll held eligible for one entry into a $3K DFS competition. A snapshot for eligibility will be taken on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Two additional $1K DFS contests are available to holders of Trolls with specific traits. Trolls with either Football Pads or a DK Necklace are eligible to enter the two unique competitions, which begin on Saturday, Dec. 31 at 4:00 p.m. EST. A snapshot of holders will be taken on Dec. 21 at 1:00 p.m. EST. 

DraftKings also announced the release of a new Rarity Score Slider filter on the marketplace , allowing users to see where specific Trolls rank in the collection. 


DraftKings Announces National Championship Troll Contest, Rarity Score Filter
DraftKings Reignmakers Partners with Pixel Vault for Upcoming Pack Drop
Staff Writer

DraftKings has partnered with Pixel Vault to create a new Reignmakers' Pixel Vault Special Edition set of Reignmakers cards, announced via their discord today and via this blog post.

The new cards will drop in 6,000 packs coming on Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. ET, priced at $99.99. Each pack will contain six Pixel Vault player cards, providing the owner access to exclusive Reignmakers Football contests.

The 20 players featured in this Pixel Vault Special Edition Set will include 2 rarity tiers, CORE and RARE. One CORE and one RARE Pixel Vault exclusive contest will run in Week 15, with top prizes of $10,000 each and $50,000 in total prizes.

DraftKings Reignmakers Partners with Pixel Vault  for Upcoming Pack Drop


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