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Slate Breakdown | Charles Schwab Challenge
Staff Writer

Transitioning from a major championship to a regular PGA TOUR event may appear as a downgrade, but the Charles Schwab Challenge still holds plenty of excitement, with a $10,000 prize for the winner. This article will highlight some of this week's top contenders, as well as a few other notable picks to enhance your lineups.

The Tournament

The Charles Schwab Challenge at the Colonial Country Club is one of the PGA TOUR's longest-standing events, held annually at the same location since the 1940s. Despite significant changes in the game of golf over the years, including the increasing hitting distance of players, this event continues to attract a strong field of participants, especially given its timing right after a major championship.

In terms of Reignmakers PGA TOUR classification, this is deemed a premium event, with a total prize pool of $275,000 this week. Prizes are distributed across each tier, ranging from the CORE to the REIGNMAKER, with first-place rewards of $1,000, $2,000, $10,000, $5,000, and $10,000 respectively.

Having introduced the tournament, let's delve into some details about this week's host, the Colonial Country Club.

The Course

The Colonial Country Club is a par 70 course spanning about 7,000 yards. The course is characterized by tree-lined fairways and highly undulating greens, both of which present a significant challenge with roughly 63% hit rates, notably below the tour average. Golfers will need to effectively shape their shots as the layout offers diverse holes. Given the par 70 setup with only two par 5s, scoring tends to be lower here. Over the past 5-10 years, the average winning score has been around 13 under par, with Justin Rose setting the record in 2018 with a 20 under par.

Last 5 Winners

  • 2022: Sam Burns 
  • 2021: Jason Kokrak 
  • 2020: Daniel Berger
  • 2019: Kevin Na
  • 2018: Justin Rose

The Golfers

The week following a major championship can often lead to mental exhaustion for golfers, yet many of the world's top players have journeyed to Texas for the Colonial Country Club event. Dallas/Ft. Worth resident Scottie Scheffler, despite a commendable performance at the PGA Championship, likely left dissatisfied, particularly after his four-over 74 on Saturday. Viktor Hovland, who rivaled the eventual champion until a disastrous 16th hole, probably shares the sentiment.

They are joined by Collin Morikawa, Sungjae Im, Max Homa, and crowd favorites Jordan Spieth, Justin Rose, and Rickie Fowler, who have yet to obtain a Reignmakers card. With such an elite lineup, selecting the right combination of players could be key to victory this week. To assist in that endeavor, we provide three target suggestions below to complement the aforementioned players.

Three-Ball: 3 DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Targets

Find below a trio of options for this week's Charles Schwab Challenge: 

Sam Burns

The event's reigning champion enters this tournament on a downswing, having finished nearly last at the PGA Championship. Unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring trend for Sam in major championships, despite his otherwise commendable performance on the PGA TOUR. However, I still see value in him at this point. His overall potential remains high, and there's still a chance he could turn things around in the two remaining major championships this year.

Denny McCarthy 

Originally recognized mainly for his expertise in putting, McCarthy has since developed a well-rounded game, with all areas of his skill set exhibiting strength. His determination was on display last week, notably on Sunday, when he shot a two-under 68, securing a top-30 finish. This performance should boost his confidence, an element further enhanced by his personal happiness, following his recent engagement announcement. Given his current form and personal circumstances, I anticipate a high level of effectiveness from Denny throughout this season as he competes for a position in the top 50.

Cam Davis

In terms of top 50 world rankings, Davis recently secured his position with a top 5 finish last week. This achievement virtually guarantees him a place in the final two Majors of the year. Beyond that, he plans to participate in all the elevated events, a few in the Midwest, and aims to boost his FedEx Cup rank to reach the TOUR Championship for the first time in his career. Given his fourth-place finish here last year, Davis's recent form, coupled with his solid history, positions him as a strong long-term investment for the portfolio.

Slate Breakdown | Charles Schwab Challenge
The Approach Set Update | Premium Booster Pack
Jason Rouslin Writer

As the first season of the new DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR rolls along, new additions are expected. One of the great things about Reignmakers, for all sports, is that the number of editions for each athlete, at each rarity tier above RARE, is known. So, while some packs are still held back, it was expected that many of the stated editions were to be in circulation. Some of them didn’t sell, and because of that, DraftKings has created a new Premium Booster Pack, filled with all the Approach Set cards that did not sell over the previous six weeks. So, in this article, we’ll break down the new booster pack and then calculate an expected value number for the pack. 

Premium Booster Pack: Important Notes 

What’s in the packs? Each pack will come with three cards, ranging from RARE to LEGENDARY. Packs are guaranteed to have 2 RARE and 1 ELITE/LEGENDARY. The packs on drop will cost $99.99 each, with 3900 packs available.

Premium Booster Pack: Odds & Percentages

The cards that make up these packs primarily come from the ELITE level- bump n run packs, which were filled with RARE and ELITE cards. Unfortunately, the RARE level cards do not have the best player pool and have the following breakdown in terms of percentages from each group of golfers.

It’s very likely (95%) that at least one of the RARE cards will be a golfer from Group 4, and almost a guarantee that one of the 2 RARE cards will come from either Group 3 or 4. Here are all the golfers from those groups, and the corresponding percentage of the drop at the RARE level. 

As we move up into the ELITE Tier, where it’s expected to get at least 3 cards for every 4 packs (0.75 per pack), the distribution gets a bit better, with more Group 1 and Group 2 players available. Let’s take a look:

Here are the breakdowns of each golfer from Groups 1 & 2 at the ELITE tier.

Lastly, the LEGENDARY level. While only the odds of pulling one of these is about 1 in every 4 packs, the distribution of golfers is quite decent, and even better if you believe in a Daniel Berger come back…

Expected Value Analysis 

First, let’s define how we arrive at this number. It’s rather simple. We take the entire drop, use the floor price of each player, and discount it by 20 percent to account for marketplace fluctuations and additional supply added, and then add it all together, and we get a value of around $600,000. There are a total of 4,000 packs in this drop, at $99.99, for a total possibly take off $399,960.

Next, to find an EV of each pack, which again is just using the floor value, not marketplace value, divide the 4,000 packs by the floor price of 600,000 to get an EV of $150.00 for each pack. In conclusion, the booster packs are reasonably priced for the assets included. 

The Approach Set Update | Premium Booster Pack
Slate Breakdown | PGA Championship
Jason Rouslin Writer

It's here! The major championship season has arrived. Shortly, the world's finest golfers will commence play at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. Numerous intriguing narratives are expected this week as top golfers from global professional tours converge to vie for the esteemed Wannamaker trophy, the pinnacle prize in golf. This article will provide coverage on the tournament, the course, and the competing golfers this week. Additionally, it will highlight a few Reignmakers PGA TOUR targets to enhance your lineups. Let's delve in.

The Tournament

The 105th PGA Championship, once dubbed the "underdog" of major championships, has witnessed a resurgence in prestige and importance over recent years. This revival can largely be attributed to the selection of spectacular golf courses for the tournaments, culminating in thrilling competitions and restoring allure to the event. This now places the championship on equal footing with other major championships.

For DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR players, the event is classified as a "deluxe" event, featuring a total prize pool of $350,000. The top prize of $10,000 is up for grabs at the ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers. However, those who managed to secure a LEGENDARY card via last week's auction have a chance to win $10,000 in a Gated Core contest. For collectors like myself and many others who meet the entry criteria, there are three additional gated contests, with the first and second prizes being experiences at the Travelers Championship (although for the LEGENDARY tier, only the first prize is awarded). Thus, if you reside in the Northeast and already plan to attend the tournament, this presents a unique opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind experience at a distinguished event. A travel stipend is also included, so if air travel is necessary, it should be adequately covered.

Having set the stage for the tournament, let's turn our attention to this week's host venue, the Oak Hill East Course.

The Course

A major championship golf course typically challenges all aspects of a golfer's game. Oak Hill Country Club is no exception, testing players with demanding tee shots, challenging approach shots, and complex greens. Spanning 7,400 yards and playing as a par 70, the course is exceptionally lengthy, ranking among the longest.

Up until today, with temperatures plunging to a frigid 40 degrees, the area had been experiencing unseasonably warm weather. This allowed the course to dry out, resulting in firmer, quicker conditions, which could potentially favor players who aren't reliant on carry distance off the tee.

Last 5 Winners & Winning Score 

  • 2022: Justin Thomas - Score: 7 under par
  • 2021: Phil Mickelson - Score: 6 under par
  • 2020: Collin Morikawa - Score: 13 under par
  • 2019: Brooks Koepka - Score: 8 under par
  • 2018: Brooks Koepka - Score: 16 under par
  • 2017: Justin Thomas - Score: 8 under par

The Golfers

The professional golf world appears to be divided at present, with the LIV Tour gaining momentum and the PGA Tour consistently delivering a top-tier product. The inherent rivalry between the leagues is a compelling topic of conversation, even if the golfers themselves aren't particularly concerned.

For Reignmakers participants, this is inconsequential as currently, no LIV Golfer has a card. Additionally, three of the top 30 favorites for this week's event, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, and Jordan Spieth, have chosen not to participate in the game. However, there's no need for concern, as there is still a wealth of world-class golfers to select from, including Jon Rahm and Scottie Scheffler.

Their card prices have remained stable, if not increased, across several rarity tiers, while other high-quality golfers have seen their prices drop, in some instances, quite significantly. Consider Max Homa, for instance; approximately a month ago, his ELITE cards were trading around $800, but have now dropped to $320, a decrease of more than 50 percent, as he navigated a slump. However, after a promising performance at Wells Fargo, he could be on the brink of a comeback.

Let's identify a few more "Homas" to invest in over the coming weeks and potentially, throughout the season.

Three-Ball: 3 DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Targets

Find below a trio of options for this week's PGA Championship. 

Tommy Fleetwood

Fleetwood is still vying for his maiden major, but is among the golfers one might expect to have already clinched such a title during his career. However, he has narrowly missed out on several occasions. He is entering this week on the heels of a stellar finish at the Wells Fargo Championship. He is also expected to compete in the upcoming weeks, having already registered for the Charles Schwab Challenge next week, and is likely to participate in the Memorial Tournament in three weeks. Given his solid performance, reasonable base prices, and good form, Fleetwood should be a prime mid-range target this week. Moreover, he is currently No. 51 in the FedEx Standings, so he will need a strong end to the season to reach the TOUR Championship.

Adam Scott

Adam Scott is among the few golfers competing this week who also played at this course back in 2013, securing a top 5 finish. A steadfast performer on the PGA TOUR for many years, Scott has experienced a resurgence in recent years, particularly with his putting. After a solid start at the Byron Nelson last week, he's expected to be a high utility player over the coming month. Scott is another excellent mid-range target with significant major championship potential.

Hideki Matsuyama 

Hideki Matsuyama is indeed a gamble. The highly skilled champion from Japan has struggled with injuries throughout the year. However, when healthy, he's a contender to win any given week. Because of his injuries, he hasn't participated as frequently as he would have liked. Nevertheless, he should play three times in the next five weeks and looked decent in his tune up last week. 


Slate Breakdown | PGA Championship
The Approach Set Update | PGA Championship
Jason Rouslin Writer

Welcome to Major Championship Week, the pinnacle event for golf enthusiasts worldwide as top-tier golfers compete on the grandest stage professional golf has to offer. The week also marks the culmination of the Approach Set Pack Drop, with remaining inventory from the set slated for release.

However, the exact criteria used to determine these allocations remains murky. What we do know is that these player-specific allocations are derived from unsold packs over the past five weeks, barring the most recent week. In this piece, I will delve into these percentages, providing a straightforward Expected Value (EV) analysis for these packs to help you decide if they merit inclusion in your preparations for the week.

Bump & Run (ELITE) Pack Analysis

Here's the list of golfers and their respective chances of being found in the packs:

Group 1 

Just over a quarter of the total allocation for the ELITE packs originates from Group 1. This provides decent odds of securing at least one Group 1 golfer per pack. To elaborate further, statistically, you can expect to find a card from a top 15-ranked golfer in the world in every second or third pack on average.


Group 2

This week's drop predominantly features cards from golfers in Group 2, accounting for approximately 40% of the total allocation. Many of these players are expected to provide substantial utility throughout the remainder of the season.


Group 3 & 4

The remaining 30% or so of the allocation is dedicated to golfers in Groups 3 and 4. Despite this, there are still numerous noteworthy names in this set, promising a fair amount of utility as the season progresses.

EV Analysis

To reiterate, let's focus solely on the ELITE level "Bump and Run Packs." Using the minimum value of each player card, estimated around 5:00 PM EST on Monday, 5/15/2023, the total comes to approximately $575,000. Given that there are 1200 packs available, each pack implies a value of around $480, which is an increase of $230 from the listed price. Best of luck this week, and keep an eye out for our upcoming Reignmakers PGA Championship content.


The Approach Set Update | PGA Championship
DraftKings Launches Bulk Entry Feature for Reignmakers
Jason Rouslin Writer

After a successful inaugural season with the NFL, and the addition of UFC and PGA to its roster, DraftKings Reignmakers has firmly established its presence in the sports industry. Today, DraftKings announced its latest development, "Bulk Entry," a transformative feature that streamlines the weekly lineup entry process and signals the advent of further technological innovation.

The Reignmakers' community, who avidly engage with and monitor daily developments in the game, have requested this feature as their top priority. While it bears similarities to the DFS bulk entry or edit entry system, the Reignmakers' version has some additional complexities that make it distinct. Below, I'll walk through those nuances and show you how to use Bulk Entry on DraftKings Reignmakers. 

1. Download the Bulk Entry Template/CSV

The initial step in this process is to navigate to the upcoming slate.You can locate this under the my contest page or by clicking here. After downloading, open the file using Excel or another compatible software. After opening, the file will appear similar to the example provided below.

2. Choose a Contest

Once the file is downloaded and open, the next step involves selecting a contest for which you wish to create a lineup. You can find the contests for the upcoming slate starting from Column "V" and cell "V-24" in the spreadsheet, as shown below: (Contest ID Column highlighted in yellow).

Identify the "Contest ID" for the contest you're interested in and input that ID into Cell "A2" (or as shown in step 1). If you're creating multiple lineups for the same contest, copy the same "Contest ID" into the subsequent cells—such as "B2," "C2," "D2," and so on. Here's how your spreadsheet should look:

In the above example, we've set up to have 10 entries in the PGA ELITE FIAT 100K GTD 10K to FIRST contest, and one in each of the other contests listed in this slate. It's now time to construct those lineups.

3. Create Lineup(s)

Having inputted the contest data, your next task is to create the lineups. Our team at Lucky Trader is diligently working to simplify this step. However, for now, particularly for PGA, the process remains somewhat manual but it's considerably faster than the current available option. This involves taking the "Unique ID" of the card you wish to use in a specific lineup and placing it in the corresponding lineup. Let's begin by explaining where to locate the Unique ID.


The Unique ID can be found in Column N, starting at cell "N-24". This column lists each player card in the downloaded portfolio that is available for the selected slate. To place a card in a lineup, copy the Unique ID of the desired card and paste it into the corresponding cell—"B2:F16" in the provided example.

Take note that the first cell in each lineup is designated for the "Captain's" spot in PGA, so it's crucial to allocate your top cards to these positions! Once all lineups are completed, you can save your work and upload the lineups to DraftKings.

4. Save File and Re-Upload to DraftKings

After saving the file, navigate back to DraftKings to upload the CSV file.

And there you have it! You've successfully uploaded your lineups using the new bulk entry feature. This marks a significant step in the evolution of the Reignmakers game, a development that should excite both newcomers and long-standing players. Until next time, good luck! As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about this process.


DraftKings Launches Bulk Entry Feature for Reignmakers
Slate Breakdown | AT&T Byron Nelson
Jason Rouslin Writer

With just one week remaining before the year's second major golf championship, the world of sports is increasingly focusing on the upcoming PGA Championship. But before that, we have the AT&T Byron Nelson. Let's concentrate on delivering a strong performance here to increase our bankroll in preparation for next week's PGA TOUR event. 

The Tournament

The AT&T Byron Nelson tournament, named after the renowned golfer who won the event himself back in 1944, has been a consistent fixture on the TOUR's schedule, in various forms, since its inception. Originally known as the "Texas Victory Open," the tournament has undergone considerable evolution over the years. The event has been hosted by various golf courses throughout its history but has now found a permanent home at TPC Craig Ranch, located just outside of Dallas.

For the purposes of DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR, this tournament is classified as a premium event, featuring a total prize pool of $275,000. The first-place winners in both the ELITE and REIGNMAKER tiers stand to win a top prize of $10,000.

Now, let's turn our attention to TPC Craig Ranch, the esteemed host course for this week's tournament.

The Course

During the initial years of the tournament at TPC Craig Ranch, golfers often scored close to 30 under par, indicating that the course might be slightly easy for today's professional players. However, a notable adjustment was made this year: one of the short, reachable par 5s on the back nine has been transformed into a lengthy par 4. This modification is anticipated to raise scoring averages nearly a full stroke higher than in previous years. This is similar to the changes observed at Pebble Beach during major championships, when the second hole is played as a Par 4, compared to a par 5 for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

With this alteration, TPC Craig Ranch now stands as a par 71 course, measuring approximately 7,500 yards. However, with several drivable par 4s and three short par 5s, the scores are expected to hover around 20 under par.

The Golfers

As summer arrives, bringing with it longer daylight hours, the opportunity for golfers to complete 18 holes in a single day increases. Consequently, field sizes during this season typically expand to 156 players, providing a wide array of choices.

This week's tournament features Dallas native Scottie Scheffler as the headliner. He was expected to be accompanied by fellow Texan golf star, Jordan Spieth, but due to an injury, Spieth will be absent not only this weekend, but possibly the next. K.H. Lee, a resident of the TPC Craig Ranch community and two-time consecutive winner of this tournament, won't have to travel far to defend his title – a true home-field advantage!

He will be joined by Tyrrell Hatton, who is making his second Texas appearance this year just before a major championship, aiming to improve upon his performance in San Antonio a month ago where he didn't make the cut.

The top end of the field also features two Kims - Tom Kim and Si Woo Kim. Tom Kim, who relocated to Dallas last offseason, will appreciate the short commute to the tournament this week. Other top contenders include the Kim's President Cup teammates: Hideki Matsuyama, Adam Scott, and Jason Day.

Three-Ball: 3 DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Targets

Find below a trio of options for this week's AT&T Byron Nelson. 

Matt Kuchar

The 44-year-old seasoned golfer is experiencing a renaissance in his career this year. After spending the past few years in the spotlight for unfavorable reasons, Kuchar has rejuvenated his game, reminiscent of his prime years. Perhaps it's the influence of his 15-year-old, who is displaying promising potential while attempting to qualify for the U.S. Open, that has ignited Kuchar's resurgence. This renewed energy has propelled him back into the world's top 50 for the first time in three years.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

One golfer who stands out is the towering South African who, likely due to the length of his name, doesn't have his full moniker listed on DraftKings. Despite splitting his time between the DPWT and the PGA TOUR, Bez hasn't quite hit his stride this year. In fact, he hasn't yet made the top 10 in this calendar year. However, with a course that doesn't pose much trouble off the tee and demands good putting skills, this might be the week where his streak ends. Bez last participated a few weeks ago at the ISPS Handa Championship, where he didn't make the cut. As such, fatigue is unlikely to be a factor in his performance this week.

Scott Stallings

Most golf enthusiasts would likely concur that Stallings making the PGA TOUR Championship last year was a significant surprise. While this year has not quite lived up to expectations, with no top-10 finishes yet, Stallings seems to be on an upward trajectory as he has made his last four cuts, including a tie for 26th at The Masters. With his consistency making a comeback and his solid performances at TPC Craig Ranch over the first two years — placing 3rd and 39th — Stallings is poised for one of his best finishes of the season thus far.


Slate Breakdown | AT&T Byron Nelson
UFC Fight Night 5.13.23 DraftKings Reignmakers Breakdown
Jason Bales

This week, DraftKings Reignmakers is offering up $125,000 in prizes between its five tiers of contests: CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER.

All players from DraftKings’ Heatwave, UFC 281, UFC 282, and Genesis sets are eligible to compete in these contests.

With that said, this article breaks down the best fighters to consider adding to your team via the Reignmakers’ marketplace. All listed prices refer to CORE tier unless otherwise noted, but the recommendations can be agnostically applied to all other tiers.

The Good

Below are the best fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC on ABC 4 event.

Carlos Ulberg ($2.31 - Event)

The UFC on ABC 4 Jair Rozenstruik vs Jailton Junior card is loaded with massive favorites, including Carlos Ulbert (-380), Natan Levy (-295), Karl Williams (-420), and Jailton Almeida (-490). Almeida is the most obvious play on the card for DraftKings Reignmakers (see below), but Ulberg has great upside, too. Ulberg pushes the pace of his fights with 8.27 significant strikes landed per minute in his 5-fight UFC career. He has 100 percent takedown defense, and he is expected to finish his opponent, Ihor Potieria, inside the distance via knockout. He has three first-round knockouts in his career, and this weekend, he likely adds a fourth. 

Johnny Walker ($0.92 - Event)

The most competitive and highest-upside fight on this weekend’s UFC on ABC 4 card is Johnny Walker against Anthony Smith. Smith is technically the more well-rounded fighter, and he could challenge Walker with his pressure and grappling. But Walker has seen it before against difficult opponents like Thiago Santos and Ion Cutelaba. He has first-round knockout upside in this fight against Smith, who has shown questionable defense at times in the octagon. If Smith wins, the fight is likely a grind and fantasy points will be less prevalent. Take the upside in this toss-up with Walker’s finishing potential. 

The Bad

Below are the worst fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC on ABC 4 event.

Chase Sherman ($0.45 - Event)

American Top Team’s Karl Williams is one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the division, landing 5.5 takedowns per 15 minutes on average in his 2-fight UFC career. He landed eight total takedowns against Lukasz Brzeski in his last fight, and he should see similar results this Saturday against Chase Sherman. Sherman has average takedown defense at a 66 percent defense rate, and he’s liable to get knocked out on the feet, too. He is 2-8 in his last 10 fights, including two knockout losses and two submission losses. Williams has finishing upside, but he should keep him grounded the entire fight, even if it goes to the judges’ scorecards. Sherman’s upside is very limited this weekend. 

The Obvious

Below are the most obvious fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC on ABC 4 event.

Jailton Almeida ($5.75 - Event)

The most obvious fight on UFC on ABC 4 is the main event – Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Jailton Almeida. Almeida has three takedowns in three of his five fights in the UFC, and Rozenstruik’s takedown defense (75 percent) is not going to be enough to stop him for five consecutive rounds. Curtis Blaydes took Rozenstruik down three times and won a three-round decision back in September 2021, and while Rozenstruik likely worked on his game significantly since then, Almeida should be able to find good shot opportunities and close the distance. He is a -490 favorite for a reason.

UFC Fight Night 5.13.23 DraftKings Reignmakers Breakdown
UFC 288 DraftKings Reignmakers Breakdown
Jason Bales

This week, DraftKings Reignmakers is offering up $125,000 in prizes between its five tiers of contests: CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER.

All players from DraftKings’ Heatwave, UFC 281, UFC 282, UFC 288, and Genesis sets are eligible to compete in these contests.

With that said, this article breaks down the best fighters to consider adding to your team via the Reignmakers’ marketplace. All listed prices refer to CORE tier unless otherwise noted, but the recommendations can be agnostically applied to all other tiers.

The Good

Below are the best fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC 288 event.

Aljamain Sterling and Belal Muhammad ($2.80, $1.85 - Event)

Let’s get both 5-round fights out of the way in one recommendation. Aljamain Sterling is fighting Henry Cejudo for the UFC Bantamweight Championship this weekend after an extended absence from the octagon for Cejudo. Sterling opened as a favorite, but he’s a slight underdog now, and this truly is a toss up fight. Sterling is a high-volume, long-range striker with non-traditional wrestling, while Cejudo is a heavy-handed counterstriker with traditional wrestling. The edge goes slightly to Sterling, but just make sure to pick someone in this fight. 

As for Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns, Muhammad is always underrated. He’s a +110 underdog against Burns, who is returning to the octagon a bit too quickly after his fight with Jorge Masvidal. The sharp action is on Muhammad as the underdog, and Burns tends to fade later in rounds four and five. This is a bit of an unusual case because it is a non-title fight, but it will be five total rounds as the co-main event. If Muhammad’s chin can hold up, he should be able to use his wrestling and forward pressure to wear down Burns and find a win. But this fight, also, is a toss up. Make sure to pick a side here in most DraftKings Reignmakers’ lineups.

Drew Dober ($3.79 - Event)

Drew Dober and Matt Frevola is an early contender for Fight of the Night, and Dober should be on the winning side of this one. Frevola is a heavy hitter that comes out fast and aggressive. Dober is no stranger to coming on strong, but he’s the more intelligent and better-conditioned athlete. If he doesn’t get caught in the first few minutes of the first round, Frevola will wear down. Dober can mix in wrestling and takedowns, and he should eventually find a knockout victory. Given his upside, Dober is possibly the best play this weekend on DraftKings Reignmakers.

The Bad

Below are the worst fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC 288 event.

Devin Clark ($0.65 - Event)

Devin Clark gets a challenging matchup this weekend against Kennedy Nzechukwu, one of the better strikers in the division. Nzechukwu has been working on his defensive wrestling, and the only way Clark sneaks out a victory in this fight is to get Nzechukwu to the ground on at least two separate occasions. Nzechukwu has an 8-inch reach advantage, which means Clark is going to be shooting with his head and chin up, and eventually Nzechukwu should be able to catch him. The best case scenario this weekend for Clark is seemingly a low-output decision win. Avoid at all costs.

The Obvious

Below are the most obvious fighters to roster for the upcoming UFC 288 event.

Kalinn “Khaos” Williams ($9.40 - Event)

Kalinn “Khaos” Williams is currently -300+ favorite on DraftKings Sportsbook, and he should mop the floor with Rolando Bedoya. Williams has wrestling upside that he can work in if he wants to, but he’d only be testing his skillset, as he is the much better striker. He is currently -135 to win inside the distance, and the top play on DraftKings Reignmakers. His UFC player card is much more expensive than other elite options, like Drew Dober, but if money is no concern, pay up for Williams. He’s unlikely to be on the losing end of his fight this weekend.

UFC 288 DraftKings Reignmakers Breakdown
Slate Breakdown | Wells Fargo Championship
Jason Rouslin Writer

"In my mind, I'm gone to Carolina"… This year, the Wells Fargo Championship returns to Charlotte, hosted at the esteemed Quail Hollow Golf Club. In recent years, the club has held major events, such as the Presidents Cup in the fall and the PGA Championship in 2017. During these events, the Wells Fargo Championship changes venues, but with no other tournaments scheduled, it returns to its home. The course's popularity has led to an elevated status for this week's Wells Fargo Championship on the new PGA TOUR schedule. With the exception of the top two players, Scottie Scheffler and Jon Rahm, most of the world's best golfers are here to compete. Let's explore who is participating and what to expect from the golf course this week.

The Tournament

A fixture on the PGA TOUR schedule for two decades, Quail Hollow Golf Club first hosted this tournament in 2003 and has since been known for providing a challenging yet fair test of golf. The club has held several major golf events throughout the years, and during those times, the tournament has relocated to Eagle Point in 2017 and TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms last year.

Rory McIlroy, the odds favorite, has won the event three times, making him the only golfer to win more than once at Quail Hollow Golf Club. For Reignmakers' purposes, the event is considered a "deluxe" tournament, boasting a total prize pool of $350,000 and a top prize of $10,000 for first place in the ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers. DraftKings is adjusting pricing structures for these contests, leading to a more balanced distribution of prizes. Although this might have affected my earnings in recent weeks, it ultimately adds equity to the system, helping golfers beyond just the likes of Rory McIlroy and Xander Schauffele retain value. 

Now, let's delve into the details of this week's host course, Quail Hollow Golf Club.

The Course

Nestled in the picturesque suburbs of Charlotte, Quail Hollow is a demanding golf course that favors long hitters. With challenging greens and a premium on ball-striking, this par-71 course spans over 7,500 yards, making it one of the longest courses by stroke average on the PGA TOUR. 

The Golfers

This week, 156 golfers are scheduled to compete. A few notable names, such as Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler, will be absent from the player pool since they are still without cards. Spieth's absence will be more noticeable next week when he is likely to be the second odds favorite behind Scheffler.

Among the competitors, Rory McIlroy returns after a month-long break, last seen missing the cut at The Masters. He is joined by Tony Finau, who triumphed over Rahm in Mexico last week, and Xander Schauffele, Patrick Cantlay, and Collin Morikawa, who complete the top five odds favorites this week. Other big names in the event include Jason Day, Sungjae Im, and Tyrrell Hatton.

Three-Ball: 3 DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR Targets

With the recently unveiled fall schedule, which features The Ryder Cup, I'll be incorporating a few highly skilled players who come with a 60% price discount compared to the higher-priced Rahm and Scheffler.

Viktor Hovland

Harbour Town may not be Viktor's preferred course, and he probably wouldn't play there frequently if it weren't an elevated event. However, Quail Hollow, with its challenging greens and requirement for long drives, seems to be an ideal fit for him. His third-place finish in the 2021 edition of this tournament supports this idea, and he should be a significant part of lineups this week.

Cameron Young

Ranked first among golfers who should have a PGA TOUR win, Young has achieved everything except that. Considering his pricing and anticipated number of starts for the rest of the year, including The Ryder Cup, his expected value is among the highest relative to market prices, particularly in the ELITE tier. Additionally, he demonstrated a wide range of skills at the Presidents Cup last fall on this course, which should provide momentum for his performance this week.

Keith Mitchell

Embracing the "bomber" approach, Mitchell has shown a preference for this style of golf, finishing in the top 34 in each of his three appearances at the Wells Fargo Championship, with two top 10s as well. His partnership with Sungjae Im at the Zurich Classic generated some delightful content, boosting his popularity. Mitchell is also in contention for a Ryder Cup spot, given his skillset; with only about eight golfers securing their positions and four spots available, a strong performance for the remainder of the season could result in his first-ever Ryder Cup berth.

Slate Breakdown | Wells Fargo Championship
The Approach Set Update | Wells Fargo Championship
Jason Rouslin Writer

The fifth and final drop for DraftKings Reignmakers PGA TOUR's newest card set has arrived. The set has experienced moderate success, with high demand for the lower-priced packs and less interest in the more expensive ones. DraftKings, however, auctioned off several unsold LEGENDARY tier cards from previous weeks. Though some were critical of this approach, the overall supply for the year was always known, and circulating the cards was part of the plan.

As we shift our focus to the Wells Fargo tournament, Rory Sabbatini and Rory McIlroy will be the set's main attractions. All of Sabbatini's cards will be allocated to this set, while the third-ranked golfer, McIlroy, will have his remaining 40% distributed. Sabbatini is the only Group 4 golfer with cards in this drop, providing excellent value for these packs.

In total, the set features 37 golfers this week. Besides Sabbatini, only three golfers—Jason Day, Adam Schenk, and C.T. Pan—belong to Group 3. The remaining golfers are from Group 1 or Group 2. Below is a list of all the golfers, along with the percentage chance of acquiring each golfer's card in these packs.

Golfers In This Drop

Here's the list of golfers and their respective chances of being found in the packs:

  • Rory Sabbatini: 18%
  • Rory McIlroy: 7%
  • Cameron Davis: 7%
  • Jason Day: 5%
  • Adam Schenk: 5%
  • C.T. Pan: 5%
  • K.H. Lee: 2%
  • Viktor Hovland: 2%
  • Justin Thomas: 2%
  • Cameron Young: 2%
  • Corey Conners: 2%
  • Brian Harman: 2%
  • Sepp Straka: 2%
  • Adam Scott: 2%
  • J.T. Poston: 2%
  • Alex Noren: 2%
  • Andrew Putnam: 2%
  • Emiliano Grillo: 2%
  • Chez Reavie: 2%
  • Alex Smalley: 2%
  • Lucas Glover: 2%
  • Tyrrell Hatton: 2%
  • Keegan Bradley: 2%
  • Shane Lowry: 2%
  • Tommy Fleetwood: 2%
  • Chris Kirk: 2%
  • Seamus Power: 2%
  • Matt Kuchar: 2%
  • Mackenzie Hughes: 2%
  • Denny McCarthy: 2%
  • Davis Riley: 2%
  • Adam Hadwin: 2%
  • J.J. Spaun: 2%
  • Trey Mullinax: 2%
  • Troy Merritt: 2%

In summary, these packs offer a greater than 20% chance of obtaining at least one golfer who is likely to qualify for the Tour Championship and be among the top 20 best players to own. Apart from Sabbatini, who will likely appear in every pack, the remaining cards hold significant utility. Most, if not all, of these golfers are expected to qualify for the season's elevated events, excluding the Major Championships.

When pulling any of the top 20 ranked golfers at the rarity tier of the purchased pack, the value should be at least breakeven, based on current market prices, or close to it. This creates substantial positive expected value (+EV) for these packs. If you have a Green Pass, take advantage of the pre-access feature this week. The secondary value of these packs is likely close to double the drop price. If Sabbatini were not part of the set, the value would likely be about four times the drop price, similar to the set from The Masters.


The Approach Set Update | Wells Fargo Championship