DraftKings Announces Holiday Set Promotion

TD Marquis
DraftKings Announces Holiday Set Promotion
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Though one of the Holiday Set pack contests is complete, DraftKings is cutting the price of its Holiday packs $50 and offering a promotion to users who collect a player from each team in the Flannel and Sweater series.

Users can buy the packs for $149.99 and collect the following for 2,000 Franchise Score points and their share of a $25,000 prize:

The Reignmakers Holiday Millionaire — the game where the Flannel cards were needed to play — wrapped up Thursday, but the Sweater cards in the packs can be used for a Christmas Day slate with a $100,000 first-place prize. Each pack has a roughly 18 percent chance of having a CORE Sweater card and an 18 percent chance of the RARE or better card being a Sweater card.

There were originally 36,479 Holiday packs and there are about 15,869 left as of Friday at noon ET.

Users have until Nov. 29 to collect the full set of Flannel and Sweater cards.

Examples of a Sweater card (left) and a Flannel card.
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