DraftKings Announces Upcoming Holiday "North Pole All-Stars" Drop

DraftKings Announces Upcoming Holiday "North Pole All-Stars" Drop
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DraftKings has announced it will be dropping 700 "Halfcourt Helpers" and 200 "Crossover Kringles" on Monday, December 19 as part of a "North Pole All-Stars" drop in a Discord message this afternoon. The 900 total packs will cost $89.99 each and will offer a variety of perks. Specifically, holders will gain access to the below listed DFS contests based on a snapshot that will take place on December 21 at 7:00 PM ET:

  • HalfCourt Helpers: $10K contest & two $4 tickets
  • Crossover Kringles: $15K contest & one $25 holiday basketball special ticket

Additionally, Crossover Kringles are allowed access to "an exclusive DFS contest where you bucket increased rewards for every player prop hit across five NBA games on December 25." Eligibility for this perk will be based on a snapshot taken on December 25 at 10:00 AM ET. Holders of both HalfCourt Helpers and Crossover Kringles will receive a "special reward NFT airdrop" based on a January 9 snapshot.

DraftKings also announced the following upcoming perks:

  • Entry into a $1k DFS contest on January 4 for collection holders who also hold a DraftKings Troll NFT with the "basketball jersey "trait.
  • An additional $25 Holiday Basketball Special ticket for Daily Fantasy Membership NFT holders
  • Entry into a special holiday $5k DFS contest on December 25 for holders of certain North Pole All-Stars (specifically, edition numbers 12, 24, 25, 26, 125, 225, 325, 425, 525, 625)

Eligibility for the above listed rewards will be determined based on a December 21 snapshot.

Finally, DraftKings announced an auction taking place on Wednesday, December 21 for certain holiday-themed characters that will provide the below utility:

  • Entry into a $4k DFS contest on January 4
  • Dynasty rewards status upgraded to Gold for two months
  • DraftKings holiday swag bundle
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