DraftKings Debuts New & Improved Reignmakers Activity Feed

DraftKings Debuts New & Improved Reignmakers Activity Feed
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DraftKings debuted an upgraded version of its marketplace activity feed for the NFT-powered Reignmakers product this afternoon that will make life easier for marketplace participants.

❗ Why It Matters

As Reignmakers sales activity has thus far been restricted to the DraftKings Marketplace (instead of third party marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur), its activity feed is a crucial tool for those wanting to monitor transactions. In the past, a lack of filtering options has made this task difficult, but those problems are in the past thanks to today's update.

🧠 Need To Know

  • It is now possible to filter transactions by "Position", "Rarity Tier", and "Athlete Name." Want to keep an eye on Elite Running Back sales only? Now you can.
  • Filters will also be appended to the URL, meaning search queries are now sharable between sessions and users.
  • While the previous iteration of this tool felt more like a firehose, the updated version allows marketplace participants to create targeted queries to find exactly what they are looking for.

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