DraftKings Reignmakers Introduces Greens Passes

DraftKings Reignmakers Introduces Greens Passes
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DraftKings followed up yesterday's PGA Reignmakers announcement with more news about the product today, hitting on the upcoming GENESIS drop and Greens Pass.

🔍 Need to Know

  • The GENESIS Set will include 209 golfers across four rarity tiers (RARE through REIGNMAKER).
  • The GENESIS drop take place on Monday, March 6, and Greens Pass holders will gain early access.
  • Auctions will accompany the GENESIS drop. More information on this front is expected tomorrow.

⛳ Greens Pass

Greens Passes will drop on March 1 with 3,000 editions available for $150 each at the PROFESSIONAL tier. CHAMPION tier Greens Passes will be available via auction only, with auctions set to start at $1,000. The perks of holding a Greens Pass include the following:

  • Preferred access to drops.
  • Franchise score and DK Crowns boosts.
  • Free bets, DK Shop credits, DFS tickets and more.
  • Additional utilities at the separate tiers will be addressed tomorrow.
  • The differences between the two tiers can be found below:


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