DraftKings Reignmakers Player Spotlight: Christian McCaffrey

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DraftKings Reignmakers Player Spotlight: Christian McCaffrey
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Trades on Christian McCaffrey cards make up almost 15 percent of Friday's transaction volume of $319,000 on the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace — the second straight day that volume on the collection has exceeded $300,000.

There were two five-digit purchases of Christian McCaffrey Reignmakers on Friday including this Field Pass Promo set 1-of-1 for $22,000.

Despite the volume, floor prices on McCaffrey's cards have dropped significantly since Aug. 27:

  • ELITE: $825 (Down 25% in last week)
  • LEGENDARY: $3,599 (Down 14%)
  • RARE: $119 (Down 34%)
  • CORE: $17.99 (Up 6%)

There are no REIGNMAKER McCaffrey cards listed as of 12:45 p.m. ET on Sept. 3. 

Christian McCaffrey is one of 17 players in the game with the Superstar designation, meaning his cards cannot be paired with another Superstar in one lineup and can only be deployed in the same contest rarity tier as the rarity tier of the specific card. For example, a RARE McCaffrey can only be used in RARE tier contests.

McCaffrey is three years removed from his best fantasy year in 2019 where he scored 19 touchdowns, ran for 1,387 yards and caught 116 receptions for 1,005 yards. He's No. 2 in overall best ball draft position according to Underdog Fantasy rankings and No. 2 in ESPN's fantasy football redraft rankings behind Jonathan Taylor.

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