DraftKings Sells Out RARE Drop 2, Snapshot Upcoming

DraftKings Sells Out RARE Drop 2, Snapshot Upcoming
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DraftKings officially sold out its second Genesis RARE Reignmakers pack drop this morning. 

A total of 15,014 packs, containing five player card NFTs each, were sold for $59.99. The RARE Genesis pack offered the buyer five player card NFTs, four of which hold the CORE rarity designation, and one which will be RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, or REIGNMAKER. 

Learn more about DraftKings Reignmakers and player card rarity in our guide

Reminder! At 3:00 p.m. ET, DraftKings will hold a snapshot for all Field Pass NFTs holders. If you're holding a Field Pass NFT during the snapshot, you'll gain exclusive access to the upcoming Rookie pack drop presale, slated to kick off on Wednesday, August 17 at noon ET. 

Two different types of Rookie packs, Premium and Scout, will be available for purchase at $249.99 and $29.99 respectively. Availability is subject to the level of Field Pass NFT you hold. More details can be found in our announcement post

Want to get started with DraftKings Reignmakers? Be sure to claim your free starter pack today! 

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