DraftKings Sheds Light on 2023 Reignmakers Plans

DraftKings Sheds Light on 2023 Reignmakers Plans
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DraftKings announced a series of roadmap updates for its Reignmakers NFL product as the season inches closer to the playoffs and turned an eye towards the 2023 season. First, some end of year items for 2022:

  • DraftKings noted that all remaining unsold Reignmakers NFL packs will be removed from the site on Sunday, January 8 at 1:00 PM ET. This date corresponds with the last Sunday of the NFL regular season
  • A Franchise Score snapshot will take place on January 4, and a total of $200K in prizes will be distributed based on the Frachise Score Leaderboard at that time
  • During the playoffs, DraftKings will move to weekly Franchise Score contests. There will be $25K up for grabs through these contests during the playoffs
  • As for prize pools, DraftKings notes there will be $1million in prizes up for grabs in each round of the NFL playoffs

DraftKings also shed some light on its 2023 plans with several updates aimed at next season:

  • Collectors will be able to enter contests with 2022 cards during the 2023 season. Specifically, DraftKings will offer ~$100K in weekly prizes through gated contests each week where 2022 cards will be required for entry. There will be opportunities to win 2023 Elite and Reignmaker tier cards through these contests
  • In terms of Franchise Score, during the 2023 season, 2022 cards will retain 10% of their value towards a collector's Franchise Score
  • Next season, DraftKings plans to offer "curated collection-oriented challenges for 2022 player cards"
  • DraftKings will also debut a new "craft and burn" functionality that will allow collectors to exchange 2022 cards for 2023 cards
  • 2023 cards will begin entering the ecosystem this spring

Finally, DraftKings highlighted some areas of improvement the team will focus on as Reignmakers turns the page on its first season:

  • Easier ways to enter contests and manage lineups
  • More opportunities to win prizes through "collection-oriented games and mechanics"
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