DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStar List

DraftKings Updates Reignmakers SuperStar List
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DraftKings has officially updated its SuperStars players list ahead of Week 9 of the NFL season, according to a Discord announcement. 

DraftKings also added that it will make one more SuperStar change ahead of the NFL postseason, but no more than 25 players at one time can maintain SuperStar status and those players must be within the top ten scorers at their respective positions.

The following players added, lost, or maintained SuperStar status on DraftKings Reignmakers:

Added SuperStar Status

  • Tyreek Hill - WR - Miami Dolphins
  • Saquon Barkley - RB - New York Giants
  • Nick Chubb - RB - Cleveland Browns
  • Joe Burrow - QB - Cincinnati Bengals 
  • Jalen Hurts - QB - Philadelphia Eagles

Lost SuperStar Status

  • Ja’Marr Chase - WR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Deebo Samuel - WR - San Francisco 49ers
  • CeeDee Lamb - WR - Dallas Cowboys
  • Dalvin Cook - RB - Minnesota Vikings
  • Najee Harris - RB - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jonathan Taylor - RB - Indianapolis Colts
  • Aaron Rodgers - QB - Green Bay Packers

Maintained SuperStar Status

  • Cooper Kupp - WR - Los Angeles Rams
  • Davante Adams - WR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Justin Jefferson - WR - Minnesota Vikings
  • Derrick Henry - RB - Tennessee Titans
  • Christian McCaffrey - RB - San Francisco 49ers
  • Austin Ekeler - RB - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Justin Herbert - QB - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Lamar Jackson - QB - Baltimore Ravens
  • Patrick Mahomes - QB - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Josh Allen - QB - Buffalo Bills

As the market reacts to the news, Lucky Trader will be monitoring the price action. Stay tuned for our Market Inefficiencies article and all our other DraftKings Reignmakers content for more!

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