NEW! DraftKings Announces Enhancements to Reignmakers

NEW! DraftKings Announces Enhancements to Reignmakers
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The DraftKings Reignmakers game, still in its early stages at under a year old, is developing rapidly. DraftKings' ongoing implementation of new tools and enhancements underscores the company's commitment to improving the game, reinforcing its credibility, longevity, and potential. This week, they introduced several features aimed at expanding the game's reach. This article will explore these new features and provide strategies on how to best utilize them to elevate your Reignmakers portfolio.

Player Profile Page

The first feature we're highlighting is the new player profile page. This tool allows you to rapidly browse and compare profiles of players across all three sports, who are anticipated to participate in the upcoming games. This is an excellent resource for comparing players based on price and statistics, right at your fingertips. Watch the video below to understand how to best utilize this tool to enhance your Reignmakers portfolio.

Announcement Page

Another new feature unveiled by DraftKings this week is the "Announcement" page. This is particularly noteworthy as DraftKings is dedicated to enhancing all facets of the Reignmakers game, including the unique challenges and quests it offers. To maximize enjoyment and success in the game, it's crucial to stay informed about all DraftKings' updates and how to access them. The video below will guide you on how to locate this new feature and incorporate it into your weekly Reignmakers routine.

You can find more information on these announcements by visiting the DraftKings Reignmakers homepage or by clicking here. 


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