Reignmakers PGA TOUR Announces its Approach Set

Reignmakers PGA TOUR Announces its Approach Set
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DraftKings announced major news ahead of The Masters next week, with the debut of its Approach Set which will drop beginning on April 4.

🔎The Details

The Approach Set will join Genesis, Starter, Prize and Booster as the fifth set in the Reignmakers PGA TOUR product. It will consists of three types of packs: the 2023 Approach Stinger LEGENDARY Packs, 2023 Approach Bump and Run ELITE Packs, and 2023 Approach Flop Shot RARE Packs. The first packs in the Approach Set will drop next week, running from Tuesday to Thursday. These drops will repeat over each of the next five events, and collectors who hold a Greens Pass will gain preferred access to Approach Set drops. All golfers will have cards minted in the Approach Set, but editions will be released only when the golfer appears in the current week's field.

⚡ Take Action

The Approach Set will contain the following pack types:

  • RARE: $24.99 for 5 cards including 1 guaranteed RARE.
  • ELITE: $249.99 for 5 cards including 1 guaranteed ELITE.
  • LEGENDARY: $1,499.99 for 5 cards including 2 LEGENDARY.
  • REIGNMAKER: Auction only.

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