Reignmakers PGA TOUR: Craft & Burn Volume 2

Reignmakers PGA TOUR: Craft & Burn Volume 2
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Get ready to boost your portfolio! The second edition of Reignmaker's PGA TOUR Crafting & Burning set is set to launch Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. ET. If you're new to this concept, let's clarify what it means and how to use it effectively in your portfolio. Then, we'll explore the latest crafting and burning methods, as well as the potential cards obtainable from this upcoming set.

What Is Crafting and Burning? 

Let's start by explaining crafting and burning. Essentially, it's the process of exchanging cards in your portfolio for different ones. You can do this through the crafting and burning portal, accessible here. The first step is identifying which cards you want to trade. These might be golfers who aren't competing, are injured, underperforming, or simply aren't living up to your expectations.

Next, examine the available "recipes" to comprehend what's necessary to secure these new cards, including crafting tokens. This week, there are 15 recipes spanning various tiers, plus an additional five recipes slated for next week's Open Championship.

You can find a detailed description of each recipe here.

Craft and Burn Strategies

Now that we have a handle on the process, let's dive into some optimal strategies for crafting and burning. Primarily, collectors may find themselves with cards that aren't of much use. This can be due to player injuries, like with Will Zalatoris and Tiger Woods, or because they lack a playing status on the PGA TOUR, such as Charlie Wi, Timothy Wilkinson and others. In these instances, it's wise to trade these underperforming cards for ones tied to active players.

Moreover, crafting and burning offer an excellent avenue to steadily ascend through "Tiers" without heavy financial impact. By tactically swapping lower-tier cards for higher-tier ones, you can improve your collection without stretching your budget.

What Cards Are in the New Crafting Set? 

Ok, lastly, let's take a look at what cards will be included in this new crafting set. All players included in this set are currently playing or have played at least three times over the last month. 

Core Set:

  • Total Tokens: 18,000
  • Total Players: 150
  • Editions Per Player: 109

Rare Set:

  • Total Tokens: 4,750
  • Total Players: 165
  • Editions Per Player: 9-32

Elite Set:

  • Total Tokens: 1,050
  • Total Players: 165
  • Editions Per Player: 2-8

Legendary Set:

  • Total Tokens: 600
  • Total Players: 165
  • Editions Per Player: 2-4

Reignmaker Set:

  • Total Tokens: 40
  • Total Players: 40
  • Editions Per Player: 1
    • Highlights Include:
    • Jon Rahm
    • Xander Schauffele
    • Brian Harman
    • Tom Kim
    • Jason Day

For those of you that want to get a more defined player pool, waiting till next week, when the cards distributed will be playing in The Open, could end up being a better fit for your portfolio. Make sure to check out all the available recipes and Reingmaker happenings by clicking here


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