Value in Air Yards Leaders in DraftKings Reignmakers

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Value in Air Yards Leaders in DraftKings Reignmakers
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What are air yards? In short, it’s about a player’s potential receiving yards. If Jaylen Waddle has a 50-yard bomb just slightly overthrown, then he gets credit for 50 yards.

Here are last week’s top 20 in air yards. There will be few surprises here, including Davante Adams and Cooper Kupp who dominated their team’s target share.

A lot of these upper-tier players are already priced efficiently, so let’s look at each tier for values.


Marvin Jones is $1. That’s the lowest price you can have. You can bet on the Jaguars throwing a lot this year like they did in their Week 1 loss to Washington. Fellow Jags WR Christian Kirk is an honorable mention as you can buy him and Dallas’ CeeDee Lamb for half the price of Colts WR Michael Pittman.


Corey Davis, and not rookie Garrett Wilson, ran as the No. 2 WR last week against the Ravens with 57 snaps to Wilson’s 41. The veteran saw nine targets for 101 air yards and you can get his RARE card for $11.56.


Speaking of rookies, Treylon Burks only ran routes on 14 passing plays in the Titans’ Week 1 loss to the Giants. Despite this, Burks comes in at No. 19 on the air yards list and his ELITE card ($225.99 floor) is not priced for someone with his upside. 


You could argue that Diontae Johnson made the most of his 121 air yards last week, especially on catches like this.

If he continues to see this much volume, he’ll likely pay off decently and Kenny Pickett always looms, which would only improve Johnson’s outlook.


Not a lot of value here in the nosebleeds, but if you want to buy something consider Julio Jones’ Reignmaker for $4,999.95. Fellow WR Chris Godwin is out and the Bucs still have four primetime games left on the schedule and owning a Reignmaker gets you access to highest tier of Showdown contests.

Much of this was based off the following air yards-per-dollar chart:

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