Reflections By Jacob Riglin NFTs

Reflections By Jacob Riglin NFT Overview

Project Information

Reflections By Jacob Riglin is the first of its kind generative photography project that harnesses the serendipity of on-chain mechanics to compose 1,111 unique one of a kind NFTs. The project is a Dream Lab production, a company pioneering the intersection between photography and generative art. Like on-chain generative art, each piece is generated at mint without human curation with over 12M possible combinations to draw from.

Each Reflection piece is a unique combination of 5 core layers; left, right, top, bottom, and a sky; and additional special layers, sourced from over 30 scenes which draw from a lifetime of travels, across more than 70 countries. Owning a Reflections pieces provide utility for future DreamLab projects as the genesis project in a series of generative projects yet to be released. 

The Reflections roadmap will allow holders the ability to claim Dream Pass #1 which can be used in a Dream Lab project. Furthermore, the team will be hosting an exclusive gallery exhibition at NFT.NYC for holders to join Jacob and mint a limited edition collection. Also, a limited number of curated 1/1’s from the Reflections layers will be made available for sale. These will also tie in a unique collateralised lending opportunity through Masa Finance.