DuDuLab Project NFTs

DuDuLab Project NFT Overview

Project Information

DuDuLab Project is a collection of 10,000 bear-themed NFTs created by Baidu on the Ethereum blockchain. Baidu is a Chinese technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), along with being the world's largest Chinese search engine. DuDuLab is incubated by Baidu and is utilizing its AI prowess to develop the DuDu IP. DuDu is the main character of the DuDuLab ecosystem and is prominently featured throughout the Baidu-created DuDu novel. DuDuLab NFT holders are able to access exclusive Discord channels, and receive the second Baidu NFT collection, DuDu AIGC, and future project whitelists. Additionally, DuDuLab holders can access and experience the Baidu AI platform.