Dysto Apez NFTs

Dysto Apez NFT Overview

Project Information

Dysto Apez is a collection of 4444 randomly generated futuristic Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Ten of the Apes are Legendary Apes, which are more powerful than the rest of the collection.

$SCRAP Token will be launched on the same day as the Dysto Apez project. $SCRAP token is the utility token for the project's ecosystem and will be used for all future generations of Dysto Apez. All Dysto Apez will yield 100 $SCRAP per day for the next 10 years. Airdropped to holders in Q1 2022, VX Dysto Apez is 3D pixelated Dysto Apez that will be controllable in the Metaverse. 

70% of the legendary auction funds will go straight into the community wallet. Land will be purchased in The Sandbox and funding will go towards Metaverse expansion. 30% of the funds will be going to Monkeyworld.org, a charity that rescues monkeys in the UK.