Edenhorde NFTs

Edenhorde NFT Overview

Project Information

Edenhorde is a collection of 8,800 NFT characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. Edenhorde represents one singular world that is home to four different tribes: Larriks, Gadirans, Babbumatta, and the Oru. The Larriks are a group of humanoids within Edenhorde. The Gadirans are a reptillian-like group living in the city of Gadira in Edenhorde. The Babbumatta is a tribe that resembles the plants in which they live among. The Oru is a tribe of robots in Edenhorde.

Edenhorde is a continuously developing story of the world of Edenhorde. As the story and lore continue to grow, 'episodes' are posted to follow along with the story. Each episode contains immersive background sounds to bring the story of Edenhorde to life.