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Project Information

Edgerunners is a collection of 8888 female Cyberpunk Avatars fighting for justice in a Dystopian World, created by @monica_nft. Edgerunners come from all backgrounds and social classes. What unites them is their desire for freedom from oppression, usually at the hands of corporations. The story takes place in the future, where women who earned their way to equal status with men mysteriously fell back to a world of sexism through the Raza-9 beacon. Women are now branded as outlaws; society's rejects with bounties on their heads.

Edgerunner owners have the opportunity to receive an exclusive 1/1 Runner's poster piece and physical print. The project plans to donate to the Mona foundation which educates young women and enables them to transform their communities. There will also be a Metaverse created for the Edgerunners called the Edgeverse.

The project has its own currency token called $EDGE. $EDGE can be used for various things such as acquiring the latest in gear tech from the Underground (The game's marketplace), spending on ship repairs, or the purchase of confidential information. There will be subsequent drops that will provide players' avatars with weapons and gear.