Edifice By Ben Kovach NFTs

Edifice By Ben Kovach NFT Overview

Project Information

Edifice is a collection of 976 artworks by Ben Kovach on the Ethereum blockchain, generated on the Art Blocks platform. 

Art Blocks enables generative artists to upload code to a smart contract. This code, written by the artist, randomly generates a piece of artwork. When a collector mints an artwork using the smart contract, the code is run using a unique, random seed. It is impossible for the artist to know this seed upfront, so the code must be written in a way that guarantees that the artist’s vision is met for any random input. This constraint means that Art Blocks artists must build algorithms that can produce wildly different, high-quality pieces of artwork that all feel cohesive.

When asked to describe the essence of Edifice Kovach said, "Imagine a net structure where, at every point the ropes cross one another, there is a physical object with mass that can respond to forces. The connections between these objects cannot break, but they can stretch infinitely... now toss some explosions in those structures."