EIPandas NFTs

EIPandas NFT Overview

Project Information

EIPandas is a collection of 5,875 Ethereum Improvement Pandas who celebrate the success of Ethereum's transition to Proof-of-Stake.

The project is made and set up by community members of the ManeNet DAO (a community formed from EVMavericks holders). EIPandas is hoping to be one of the first successful NFT projects launched after The Merge.

EIPandas used AutoMinter for the mint, which was also used to launch other NFT projects such as EVMavericks.

The proceeds from the mint and royalties will be split accordingly: 50% to the ManenetDAO, 30% to Pandas International, and 20% to the artist.

There is no planned DAO and no roadmap for this project. The only official communication will come from the @EIPandas Twitter account.